Breaker Gentrification

Korporate 366

Business is booming! Don't let hackers get you down! What was once a Crime Infested Wasteland is now a Beautiful Neighborhood for young professionals. Our Gated Community and top Security Staff keeps deplorables out and your property safe!

23 May 2017 grogboxer

Honestly the Corp Town was pretty MVP in this deck against me, killing Aaron and Temujin really stomps on a lot of Runners. Nice job!

23 May 2017 WhackedMaki

Where did you finish and how did it do on the day?

23 May 2017 Korporate

I finished in the top 8. Went 0-2 with this deck in the cut unfortunately, losing once to Maw Whizzard and a well played game against @bluebird503 because I forgot Political Operative was a card.

24 May 2017 WhackedMaki

Would you make any changes to the deck going forward?