Wendigo Wedding v1.1

obscurica 1298

Shoutouts to Silv for pointing out that Dhegdheer made Endless Hunger a 0MU card. Using up none of Apex's memory means it's feasible to install Overmind, bolstering its power counters with e3 Feedback Implants to neutralize non-ETR threats.

Then there's the matter of The Shadow Net, which neatly takes up Same Old Thing's role for Levy AR Lab Access recursion, giving Apex its desperately-needed longevity. Turning 1, 0, or -1 agendas into resources or Prey-based ice destruction also easily justifies its presence.

In hindsight, I guess it does make sense that a cannibalistic monster of Somali mythology would be best buds with Apex.

Reave. Prey. Hunt. The unholy matrimony of cannibal widow and wendigo beast shall bring ruination to us all.

Update: Oh yeah, Chop Bot 3000 was a thing...... Probably better overall than Independent Thinking, huh?