Institute of Tennis (Remodelled)

Pinkwarrior 2278

The deck is an update of a worlds deck from about 2 years ago that got 10th place. I've made a few changers and pulled it into the current meta and it's been doing well & been fun to play.

First to go was the Tyrant for a Colossus. This was originally a test Colossus but also i like my ICE to not be dependant on my ID colossus works and rather well with out my Tennin's ability.

Once i realised how good the colossus was i wanted more so out came the Commercialization and an Ice Wall, I wasn't finding the Commercialization's to be paying well and clogging my hand early game so i dropped them in favour of IPO.

The Wall of Thorns went I've never thought them as good and split them for a Chiyashi which at least has the anti AI & a DNA Tracker which is just plan good.

Swapped Quandary's for Mind Game's personally i think MG is OP 0 for a 4str Codegate that unless your broke my as well say etr. i took out the Grim's since Colossus is filling that roll and then some. Added Macrophage to remove those annoying viruses from the game mainly Clot & dropped a Caprice Nisei as she didn't seem to be helping much and the ICE seemed too low.

25 May 2017 Sanjay

Makes a lot of sense to update Institute of Tennis right now. IPO is a big deal for Tennin, and strong central defense seems very welcome at the moment.

Great idea.

25 May 2017 Pinkwarrior

@Sanjay Thanks. It's been doing me very well at the moment usually just ending with the runner basically been locked out of my centrals while I wait for FA tools to win.