Stimshop 2017

Friff14 583

It's been a while since I've seen these. I don't think it'd be bad right about now.

Draw a lot. Put a ton on your workshops. Stimhack in there and wreck everything.

This deck is 15% tech cards so it can at least try to have a bit of control against each different major archetype at the moment. Usually there's a clot but we have game against glaciery HBFA without it, and slums is a better influence spend against more horizontal HBFA because you gotta rfg those Moons.

The Gauntlet is great HQ pressure to go along with its MU help. Multithreader is something I'm surprised isn't everywhere more often, Paricia is its counterpart in ice-lite matches. Also Study Guide + Multithreader is pretty cool.

Might cut the casts for laundries. Might swap some influence around. Just looking for some feedback.

1 Jul 2017 gammanet

howdy Friff, im a retired player that played stimshop up until I quit right before Terminal Directive dropped, I took stimshop everywhere and its always how i earned my mousepads(though i think Gabe got me one) now im looking around for ideas cause an old friend from our meta is havinga going away get together as he moves away, so i figured id throw a few decks together to see him off.

Now for the part you actually care about, I always stuck to 2 copies of my console, because lifes a pain if you dont find it, and 2 copies of the gauntlet always seemed good to me(astro labe and legworks before that). I also generally find Gordian Blade to be a better price point, only because Marcus Batty is a card and I hate losing study guide after i have it all charged up. I'm guessing zu is for early game code gate pressure? or are all the rishooter decks code gates and its good to have double decoders?

what is clone chip for? it can speed up set up a bit, but save for reviving breakers from batty and mill, i generally found more use using test runs, as they help garentee th turn 1 magnum, and also if you splash an influence for femme you have a weird inside job.

multithreader has always been a card that comes and goes from these builds, as its kinda win more sometimes, but it helps the deck have a super solid late game, I often had issues with MU and getting it in there, but this was before the gauntlet, and ive always run a femme or two. I also have tried visage before but often went back to a 3rd quality time and more rnd pressure. I also dont like casts, I plan to just get mopus up and running and make money the hard way.

just some insight, hope it helps