'Baba is our savior'

LynxMegaCorp 1335

Enlist the aid of the mystical Baba Yaga. She will help ensnare the Corp in a circle of webs. Indexing allows you to control the tempo; leverage it.

Always check R&D / Index when you can. No better way to win than to know exactly what to do. System Seizure has yet to be used but glacier isn't very popular, regardless. It'll be necessary sooner or later.

If you're up against an ambush deck, simply set up in between Indexings. You can outpace those decks, anyway.

This is my favorite Baba Yaga spread (and because all of their pump abilities are weak, Dedicated Processor fits right in!)

Updated version:

-1 Magnum Opus, -1 Diesel, -1 Dedicated Processor +1 Film Critic, +1 Brahman, +1 Same Old Thing

Latest Update:

Baba has proven a bit slow (and glacier is so rare), so I dropped her for Employee Strike (F*ck anything CI does) and Rebirth (Kit!).

26 May 2017 xCruelAngelx

Wouldn't Sharpshooter be better than Dedicated Processor?

26 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Lesser reason would be MU. The better reason is that I can slap DP onto either of those breakers on their own and it would pull its weight. Can't get that with Sharpshooter (this is of course assuming I need the breaker before BY shows up or if something happens to BY.) And its a shiny new card, so it looks cool.

26 May 2017 MephistophelesX

If you play dedicated Processor anyway, why not go Faerie? I know its an Influence more, but i believe you can get rid of say a PiOT (play indexing, or even a SMC instead)

26 May 2017 Xanshi

You some interesting pieces. One question, why don't you have Self-modifying Code?

26 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

@MephistophelesXI considered Faerie, but I don't end up needing its break efficiency. Mongoose handles breaking just fine, breaking loaded Komainu for 2-3 credits, max.

@XanshiFeel free to fit in SMC wherever you see fit. Because I am playing very passively (and drawing constantly), I usually find my breakers before I truly need them. I'd have to face more glacier-y matches, but breakers / programs haven't been an issue.

26 May 2017 psi_lifeup

Baba + Tapwrm + Sac con is amazing, I'm running it in crim currently. One suggestion is a 1x Film Critic to lessen the load of Sac Con against Hunter Seeker (and, y'know, Midseasons or whatever.)

26 May 2017 bracketbot

Lots of problems with this deck. Dedicated Processor doesn't work with Baba Yaga, as it's an AI. Also, the efficiency you'd expect from Baba Yaga isn't there, as you're just installing normal breakers on there for the most part.

26 May 2017 NoahTheDuke

@bracketbot, you install Dedicated Processor on one of the icebreakers that's installed on Baba Yaga, not on Baba Yaga directly. This is clarified on the Dedicated Processor page by Michael Boggs.

26 May 2017 clydeiii

You just put the DedProc onto any breaker tho.

26 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

I'd love to fit in a Film Critic, just not sure what I'd be willing to part with.

@bracketbot, as stated, you can put DP on any of the other breakers and BY will get that ability. Inti is the cheapest fracter; Mongoose handles sentries very well and Yog.0 is Yog.0; they are all bad to pump and DP takes care of that easily. I've been loving this deck's efficiency. What are the other problems you see?

27 May 2017 internet_potato

what a deck!