Is it cancer?

xaq373 29

Primary game plan: Mushin a junebug and then use whirlpool or AOYCR an Aginfusion to impale the runner on your lethal junebug. Secondary game plan: Excalibur on central and score agenders behind single pieces of unrezzed ice. Bypass effects (inside job, spear phishing, etc. are a problem here). Should also be running some swordsman so they can't ever break excalibur, but that also is probably too deep. Probably cut a guard for one.
Side note: Always Mushin a Vanity project. They probably won't go for it and even if they do, you just double down on primary game plan. If they don't, they have to run basically everything you advance or Mushin from then on. Worth.
This deck only has to score two agendas, because even if you score the Nisei, the Offer they can't refuse is just that - you die or I win. This deck is theoretical and completely untested so I make no guarantees as to it's quality but it's a fun idea and makes 3 terrible cards (excalibur, whirlpool, and Offer) very interesting.

26 May 2017 PurinaBisonChow

If the mind game is the whole point then fantastic but be aware that the runner is not forced to access the card in a naked remote that you send them into. They still have the option to jack out, at step 5.2, before the run is considered successful at step 5.4.

26 May 2017 bluebird503

@PurinaBisonChow you whirlpool into mindgame i think

26 May 2017 xaq373

For the whirlpool trick to work you have to have whirlpool in front of an unrezzed ice. They hit whirlpool, can't jack out, get redirected to junebug via aginfusion ability, then die since it's still the same run and they can't jack out.

26 May 2017 PurinaBisonChow

@xaq373 @bluebird503 Totally mixed Whirlpool up with Cell Portal... not that that made any better sense, but Cell Portal didn't have the "cannot jack out" clause which was the flag I was missing and now I gotcha. Neat idea!

27 May 2017 SillySod

Worth considering Labyrinthine Servers? If you can score it makes for a more reliable kill than whirlpool.

27 May 2017 SillySod

Also - are bypass effects an issue? Inside job still asks you if you'd like to rez the ice so there is still an aginfusion window there, right? Similar story for femme, nexus, etc... they skip the encounter effects but that only happens after you are given the chance to rez stuff.

28 May 2017 Netrunnerunner

@SillySod, you can use AgInfusion, but Inside Job and Nexus can bypass the Excalibur you send them to (since it will probably be the first piece of ICE encountered with Inside Job), meaning they can just jack out and run your now-naked server.

28 May 2017 xaq373

So bypass is annoying if you don't want them to bypass the ice you redirect them to (typically excalibur or Crick (an updated version now contains Crick)). My understanding is that if you aginfusion, the ice they are moved to still gets bypassed. Also Labyrinthine Servers is perfect, will include.