Siren Call - Chicago Cache Refresh 1st Place

Brototurret 564

This deck was 2-1 at the Chicago Cache Refresh tournament. As a whole , I feel like this deck has legs and might even be a real deck someday ! It scored out in one game , and Boom'ed in another.

So coming up with this deck , I knew I wanted to be in NBN. NBN has an in faction way to deal with agenda flood with Special Report. It's the best card in the format for dealing with flood , and I don't want to pay influence for it. Plus I knew I wanted to pressure the runner's credit pool hard , because runner econ in this format is either terminal or they're on magnum. With Magnum , a single click gives the runner the credits to clear a tag , so why not be SYNC and force magnum to click twice to clear a tag ?

Then as I was going through card choices , I stumbled upon KP Lynn. My mind was just like "HOLY [insert expletive here] ! That's awesome ! I'm doing that !". 3x KP immediately went into the deck. She's pretty damn great for Sync , as she's a 6 credit tax on ANY SERVER YOU WANT. Throw her on HQ against criminal and watch them try and siphon you behind a single ice. Now they either take 3 tags (spending 9 to clear them or more Aaron tokens than they wanted to) , or take one tag and get a single access and have to pay 3 to trash her , or ETR and lose a siphon. None of those decisions are good for them.

I went with Boom as my tag punishment because the meat damage prevention choices suck in cache refresh. Crash Space is OK , but doesn't save you if you end a turn with two tags (which can happen easily because of Hard Hitting News). Biometric Spoofing is functional , but now you have to be on a 5 card hand at all times, plus it has the same problem Crash Space does. On the Lam is the best card in the format for this purpose. If you're in criminal , YOU SHOULD STRONGLY consider running 1x or 2x OTL so you just don't die to random things.

Net Quarantine is a FANTASTIC agenda for this deck. Score this as soon as you can. Now you play Hard Hitting News for half the cost , essentially. You make the runner pay 12 for the trace (boosting by 8 cr) , you get back 6 cr from the quarantine , essentially paying 5 bucks for the HHN. That's Absurd. IP Block trace pays you a buck if you don't bump it up (you should always bump it to trace 4 , as you get two bucks back rather than 1 so it's a free boost). That agenda was so impressive to me.

Self Adapting for Sifr/Parasite .. because that's a thing in this format.

Thoth for the runners who just take a lot of tags and try and race you. Thoth can just end a game. They either die , or lose all their money. Being a 6 str sentry is no laughing matter either , plus the runner is going to have to pay 3 more credits to drop the tag he gives.

1x Alexa because I just wanted to play her. The art is fantastic on her. However , she was actually useful. Since this deck pressures the runner's credits so hard , forcing them to spend 2 more credits to get an actual access from HQ is pretty sweet. Compound that with KP Lynn (my god is she great with SYNC) , and now it's 5 credits (if they don't trash her) , and a click just to get a safe access from HQ and that's not even counting what they paid to even get in. I didn't hate Alexa , but I don't think I'd keep her.

Otherwise.. it's a deck that grinds out the runner's credit pool through forced tags and Hard Hitting News. Eventually , tags will stick and you will find a boom for the win. This deck can score out though , as Data Raven>Data Ward is a pretty great server for 10 credits.

Pressure economically and force runs on data ravens and KP Lynns. Once they go down to under 9 credits , then just Hard Hitting News them and win with a Boom. Simple strat , but extremely effective. I would love to turn this into a full netrunner deck , and I just think I might !

29 May 2017 x3r0h0ur

Do net quarantines stack favorably? The gain is fixed to a trigger, and the spend is a single instance anyway. Seems like you'd gain 2 for each 2.

29 May 2017 Brototurret

They do stack, as each agenda pays you. You can gimmick that with media blitz if you want to go janky.

Then just recur HHN and destroy their econ. Plenty of options for that in standard netrunner...

29 May 2017 Alexej Dorianov

@Brototurret Why IPO over Sweeps week?

29 May 2017 RvdH83

@Alexej Dorianov Sweeps Week is not legal in the Cache Refresh format.

29 May 2017 konradh

There is no Sweeps in this format.