Sonic the Porcupine (Top 8 Chicago - Undefeated in Swiss)

pygreg 32

Get rich, find your key cards, and rez decent ice early. Lots of spikes to slow them down if they can keep up and get in. Agroplex was a late add that really made this deck sing as it helped me dig fast for the assets and agendas I wanted. Usually I score out but deck can win by killing and milling them too.

Did not do particularly well after the cut but proud of this deck, made top 8 at my first regionals ever after never playing in anything hire than a store champ.

RD1: Beat Leemaw by getting servers up quickly and controlling HQ with Jackson. Chiyashi, which I rez only every 3rd game, was pretty clutch here as it kept him out of R+D except for an occasional Inside Job. Scored out to win.

RD2: CT Au Revoir. I scored a few points before his engine was up and after losing a psi game for a GFI he opted to take more money. If he ran R+D with all his Turning Wheel counters he had a shot at a straight win...but he might also have died. Scored out.

RD3: Played my testing partner/the guy who taught me the game, so we knew each other's decks well. He was on Sifr Whizz and kept killing my Kakugos, which I would shuffle back in. This was a grind that went down to him having 1 card left and me scoring out on the turn before decking myself.

RD4: Trevor's Smoke. This was pretty back and forth -- I'd score, he'd score, etc. Eventually I had 2 Nisei counters and a GFI in hand, burned a counter two stop an Indexing, and IAA the GFI on my turn. 2 psi wins and a Nisei token later game was over.


After cut -- Trevor knocked me down to the lower bracket where I faced Andy DLR. He got the Source and the Citadel/Nexus engine out too fast which made it impossible to score anything even though my servers were up quickly. Lost a psi game trying to score a Nisei that would've taken me to 4 points; win that and I probably win. Deck is fast enough to beat Andy DLR (took 2 of 2 in practice against my round 5 opponent), but it was not to be this time.

I've moved the ice around a lot in this deck and this is what I settled on, it's decent but could probably be stronger. I want to try Obokata Protocol when it releases, which would necessitate another change I'm considering -- finding space for Voter Intimidation or 2. I think I maybe fired Hunter Seeker once all tournament? Kati and Film Critic are real tempting targets.