Crispy Info (BC Regionals 1st Place Undefeated)

TrungusWungus 98

This is a variant of @beyoken's Fiery Info. I picked this deck mainly because I thought my read on the meta was going to be whizzards in every corner due to the uprising of the extra thicc Moon. Turns out it was pretty diverse! Click bait and News Pupper go hand in hand. You may name Account Siphons, SMCs, Temmys and what not! Just make the right read to make your runner play around you to buy you some time to sneak out those Breaking News. If the runner is being aggressive, you may lay on the punishment with Buzz Feed. If they're playing solitaire you can pressure them with an ice in front of an advanced 15 Minutes or Quantum Predictive Model. You can generally make them squirm a little to respect the potential Breaking News score next turn with a BOOM!

Other than that Netrunner has been one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played in my life. Full of butt clenching decisions and mind mushing conundrums. The community has always been so kind and welcoming, everyone is so well mannered it surprises me every time. I love every player out there and wish to play with you all one day.

Swiss Round 1 - Hayley (@nelsormensch) Terminal 7's and Firewatch's Nels!!!!! The true hero in my opinion during the whole regionals for reasons you may soon realize. It would also be the first of the many battles with the true hero Nels, this match was fairly fast where I managed to money up quickly to be a threat against Hayley while I was able to get the combo out before I really understood what Hayley I was really up against. KA BOOM!

Round 2 - Hayley (Brian) I honestly didn't even know what I was in for with the new Faust Dean Lister Hayleys until this match as this match played out longer than the one with Nels. The game flopped for him after he had set-up and forgot he had gained an extra tag than he had intended running into IP Block with Faust. I got to trash several cards and eventually got the combo to bag up Hayley. A highlight for me was when Brian plopped down a Rumor Mill and my eyebrows nearly hit my hairline and he mad dashed into archives. I chuckled as there was nothing there and he reminds me I get to do a meat damage and I gleefully took that card!

Round 3 - ??? (Matthew) Will update when I can recover the lost memories. However I do know that I flatlined everyone. [BOOMING INTENSIFIES]

Round 4 - Smoke (@nikovic) One of my best friends who started playing with me since high school. To prevent trashing our friendship we decided to shake hands and ID to go grab a bite. Later coming back to play a game of King of Tokyo at the top table with the other kind fellows down from Seattle who had ID'd as well.

Round 5 - Hayley (Noah) After the intense game of King of Tokyo we decided to once again ID like scum while the others clutched their heads deep in thought playing Netrunner. Seeing as the top table once again all ID'd we once again played another game of King of Tokyo (Nova Breath op) then Coup to segway into the top 8 cut!

Double Elimination

Whizzard (@GHOST MEAT) A proud and disheveled father Dave plays uncomfortably well pumping up on money far surpassing my credit count. I score out the agendas needed. He plays Maw and starts smashing my hand to disrupt my combo. My heart drops when he plays a plascrete and my mind instantly switches to scoring out instead. However, Dave decides to run last click into RND to reveal Lady Luck where I had a little more than enough to send that plascrete back into his hand and the image in BOOM! played out exactly as portrayed.

Palana (@nelsormensch) Covered in Runner write-up

ETF (Peter) Covered in Runner write-up

Hayley (@nelsormensch) I've faced Nel a total of 3 times now, each time he climbed back triumphantly defeating foe after foe. My heart was pounding when I sat across from Nels who seemed to have bloodshot eyes at this point with little to no rest between the mind numbing games, was I going to choke? I honestly didn't know since didn't really know the full extent of the Hayley's tools since I had totally forgotten so I was worried. We shook hands and both decided to mulligan. As he shakes his fists at me with the friendly banter telling me to not blow him up like last time my eyes light up as I saw the Breaking News in my opening hand. I went on auto-pilot and laughed as I scored it out turn one. Nels frantically draws with Laguna for several turns stalling me with a clot. I end up scoring a Kitty behind a data raven that he ignores and I Jackson draw for the BOOM!. The moment it was in my hand I also installed another Kitty to prepare for the worse. The turn is passed over to Nels where he draws with Laguna click 1, click 2, click 3... Click 4. I felt light headed as the turn was about to pass over to me, I checked the board again for anything that could prevent me from sealing the game, there was none. I played out the combo and it was over. Everything had fit into place, lady luck was smiling upon me and the stars have aligned. The next card on Nel's stack was the NACH. The next card! It was a wonderful short and sweet game to send us on our way home from an awesome event <3!

Thank you for playing Netrunner and thanks for reading (this really really long post). I look forward to one day to play with you all! Cheers.

30 May 2017 podoboyz99

Hey Noah here! Congrats again on your win, your round 2 opponent is @saan on the internet, btw. Great publish, I loled at the deck name and the "extra thicc moon" :)

30 May 2017 checkthebox

I was your round 3 opponent. Congrats on the win and putting together this great deck.

30 May 2017 TrungusWungus

@podoboyz99 Hey Noah! Thanks for the clarification didn't get to play Netrunner with you ;^ ( I'll catch ya one day! Thanks again :^ ) @checkthebox Appreciate it thanks! I didn't do much to the deck except tec it up to 49 cards hahah bless papa beyoken!

31 May 2017 Saan

Whenever I close my eyes, I still see that tag sitting on me after that remote run =( It haunts me, and perhaps will forever haunt me.

Thanks for the games! =D They were both super fun, despite me trying (and succeeding!) super hard to lose they Hayley match.