Handsome Jack 1588

Simple. Score out behind Excalibur and Mother Goddess. You don't have to worry about not rezzing other ICE because none of your other ICE have subtypes. If you score a Labyrinthine Servers, you can direct them into a Junebug or continue scoring as you wish. Lab Dog can kill their console or Feedback Filter, Universal Connectivity Fee can work as a sort of Pop Up Window as well as providing a nasty slap to those who go tagme versus Jinteki. Overall I think this deck...Just might work? As long as you got the Excalibur engine running you are pretty much good to go. AI is a welp, but hopefully you can Hunter Seeker it and pray they don't have recursion, or win before they recurse.

30 May 2017 lunchmoney

Looks fun, but one will be clicking for credit often.

30 May 2017 Handsome Jack

@lunchmoneyI actually think Special Offer and Hedge are enough just because everything costs less than 4 and economic denial can be rerouted with Aginfusion.

30 May 2017 scd

I can't imagine running this without Friends, if just to get the Special Offers back.

30 May 2017 lunchmoney

@handsome Jack, can you explain what "economic denial can be rerouted with Aginfusion." means, please?

30 May 2017 Netrunnerunner

@lunchmoney I believe they mean that, if the opponent plays Account Siphon or Vamp, the AgInfusion ability can be used to redirect them to another server. Since the run on HQ isn't successful, the abilities don't fire and you don't lose your money.

30 May 2017 lunchmoney

Ah, gotcha. Thanks.

30 May 2017 quailman2101

I didn't even think of that. This id is powerful if just to mess up Runner run events.

30 May 2017 LeonardQuirm

Interesting! My first thought would be that you'll probably want some currents though - Employee Strike is going to make you a bit sad and your agenda are too infrequent and hard to score to turn it off that way.

Also, maybe a Swordsman or two would help deal with anyone running AI, who otherwise will just laugh at your Mother Goddess? Obviously you don't rez it against anyone who doesn't have AI, and overwrite it if you can get the AI off the table.

30 May 2017 daytodave

Kit freaking loves this deck so much. Please let this become a thing.

31 May 2017 Leviair

I tried the deck deck a couple times with some minor changes (+2 IPO -1 Shock!, -1 Universal Connectivity Fee) and I feel that it kind of needs more money. I would also consider playing Lockdown or Paper Wall. The first one can be a game closer, preventing the runner from drawing through I've Had Worse or Aaron MarrĂ³n midrun and both serve the purpose of being a zero-cost ice to rez for AgInfusion. I don't know if there is any space, but I would have appreciated having one of them during my games :p Btw really cool deck, looking forward it

31 May 2017 Handsome Jack

@Leviair the IPO change was defintely good, I've also replaced the Shocks myself with Tenma Line. They do alot of work if an Excalibur found itself at the bottom of a server or a Mother Goddess is on top. I do not like Lockdown though, it just adds another subtype that allows for Goddess to be broken. Paper Wall might be alright because it trashes itself, but I'm just not sure.

31 May 2017 SillySod

Scoring agendas early is very important..... how about adding 3x Chimera in place of the connectivity fee? Chimera breaks your AI rule but it shuts out runners early on while providing ID fodder late game.

I also found a couple of copies of "Clones are not People" can help close down games that would slip away if you had to score a third agenda.

31 May 2017 SillySod

Also, a single copy of Genetics Pavilion does everything you want Lockdown to do but in a more palatable format.

31 May 2017 Handsome Jack

I was thinking about Genetics Pavilion. Definitely adding that. Chimera is already in, as well. :)

1 Jun 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Have you considered adding Pot of Greed? I'm not sure what it does, exactly, but I hear its good.

1 Jun 2017 Leviair

@Handsome Jack I think I had misunderstood AgInfusion's effect. I thought you had to rez the Ice being approached and only then trash it. So #Lockdown looked like a nice sacrifice fodder for ID eff -being a 0 cost ice- and as an occasional game closer. I now agree that both it and #Paperwall are unnecessary :p

2 Jun 2017 Leviair

What about An Offer You Can't Refuse? The idea of redirecting the runner on a Mushin No Shin-Project Junebug server looks really nice on paper

2 Jun 2017 Leviair

^ I dismiss my last advice. After testing the deck a little bit more AOYCR looks really unnecessary. Maybe 1x in place of a Snare! but I really don't know. My changes so far: -1 TFP -> + 1 GFI (personal taste, I guess) -3 Shock!, - 1 Kitsune, -3 Universal Connectivity Fee -> + 2 IPO, + 1 Genetics Pavilion, + 2 Jackson Howard, + 2 Chimera. Jackson is against excessive flooding, for shuffling back and drawing combo pieces (aka Mushin + Junebug) once 1 Labyrinthine Servers has been scored. Having a 5/6 adv cont junebug, a Labyrinthine counter, all servers protected by unrezzed and 1 credit usually means the runner cannot run at all for the rest of the game. So you can simply slow advance your agendas to victory. Employee Strike obviously destroys that plan, for that reason I would consider running some currents as well

5 Jun 2017 zmb

Maybe add Port Anson Grid to force them to run? Also An Offer You Can't Refuse

5 Jun 2017 zmb

Also you should maybe add "Clones are not People" since you rely on your ID ability and are vouldnerable to Employee Strike