Age of Chaos

p1nion102 15

This is my first attempt at making a deck using the whole card pool. It's main plan is to hopefully set up an unavoidable junebug or overwriter. Then you can score out behind a single piece of ice.

1 Jun 2017 BizTheDad

I would recommend using Amazon Industrial Zone. This will allow you to rez the Whirlpool on the Project Junebug or Cerebral Overwriter remote when it's installed. This way the runner doesn't have to simply jack out. There are ways to get around it but that's the cool I've been killed with this :).

1 Jun 2017 p1nion102

@BizTheDad I'm fairly sure they could just jack out before the whirlpool if I sent them from another server.

1 Jun 2017 pterofractal

@p1nion102 Because Ag makes them encounter the new ice, as long as it is rezzed then they have no window to jack out. If the ice is unrezzed, however, they simply pass it and you don't have a rez window, hence using Executive Boot Camp Surat City Grid Amazon Industrial Zone

1 Jun 2017 lown333

well simple for whirlpool simply set a iceless remote with junebug mushin no shin so at least 3 token for a kill and set on a central innermost a trashable ice and after that whirlpool the runner approach whirlpool you rez he encounter ice 2 trash it redirect to junebug and he must acces it

If the Corp uses AgInfusion to redirect the Runner to a different server, what happens if there is no ice protecting the new server? Can the Runner jack out?

The Runner has passed all the ice protecting the new server, so the next step is to approach the server (Step 5 of the timing structure of a run). This means the Runner will have the normal opportunity to jack out at step 5.2.

2 Jun 2017 x3r0h0ur

You have to build ice-> whirlpool on a central or must run server, then mushin a junebug or CO anywhere. I do recommend a "must run" asset like sundew or melange in order to force the runner to get the remote ice rezzed. I'm sampling with chiayshi to get 1 rezzed, now any unrezzed ice means you have to be ready to deal with chyashi instead! Toybox, heritage/telekinesis mutate seems good too.