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obscurica 1298

Sometimes, it's just not worth the effort to crack a server. Sure, some basic-level security protocol's just straight-up expected -- that's nothing new to a runner. Getting your rig hammered by request floods, though, is a nasty reversal. It's like they deliberately designed their access UI with memory leak issues and resource-hogging process loops to make it as hard as possible for anybody to get in -- security through frustration as it were. At a couple access points, there's even this dumb Solomon's Choice thing where you have to choose between downloading a backdoor-ridden authentication token or transfer a valid cryptocurrency ID over to them.

Plus, you know, the usual brutish ID checker that immediately tries to inject a nasty worm if the handshake isn't what it expected.

And once you're finally in the clear, then what? Then it freaking checks to see if there's an IRATEMONK variant on your HD -- and tries to give you one if you don't! I swear they have a STUXNET mutation or three running around in there too.

I freaking hate Skorpios commissions, man. And you know there's probably some dumb-but-reliable one-time pad terminal actually in the server room that bypasses all that bullshit.

I did finally get my hands on something after, like, a week's work. But I can't help but feel like they actually let me have it-- -- 451%&#dj--

==connection interrupted==

2 Jun 2017 Valranoth

Love the writeup. 'Security through frustration' is how I like to play my Spark decks, so I'm glad to see it showing up in Weyland.