Ship it and trick it.

Restartt 217

My take on the weyland counters archtype.

Might be better in titan, but i find it struggles more early, so free advancements help that, and the new agenda suite doesn't help except atlas train.

Plus, more people are playing clot/saccon. so this can play some fast advance games if you want to, or to close it out, but works better as never advance. Put a face down card in a tough server. If it's atlas, you score it. If it's Corp, you score with either trick or audacity. If it's global, you score with any two of trick/audacity, or just Red Planet.

But it could also be just a jackson or a GRNDL. (BTW, naked grndl into dedication ceremony advance is amazing).

You can also play cute games by moving all advancements to that fire wall over r&d with an ice wall in front to protect against ice destruction. or do it to a remote, put an agenda in next turn and commercialization, then red planet again!

Not 100% sure on exact amount of ice (+-1) and also if i prefer mauso or hortum (etr vs more subs higher strength, both the same to yog processor)

2 Jun 2017 PurinaBisonChow

While the "free ICE advancement" each turn is great, I can't help but feel like this deck will always be better in Titan Transnational, at least until Project Atlas rotates out. Being able to chain them out at will is brutal and that extra 2 influence would allow you to put in a pair of Reversed Accounts to tear a scoring window wide open when you don't have Tricks or when you want to install and score a Global Food Initiative the next turn with Red Planet Couriers.