Chief Slee's Mental Ward-NBN Kill Glacier

Handsome Jack 1586

Welcome to Chief Slee's Mental Ward, a place of tranquility and peace for those with troubled minds. Ease yourself into our comforting care as our 3 talented staff members provide for your every need. From animal companionship to 24/7 television, we are the premier mental health clinic this side of the moon. Won't you join our family...

Enough of that. This deck's goal is simple. Score out behind the Insane combo that is Data Ward+Data Raven while threatening the kill with Chief Slee.

Agenda Suite- Maximized for density. Astrobeale is still a thing, and scoring a GFI shouldn't be too hard.

Assts: Jackson and Slee. Slee is a tricky card. I think the best way to treat her is as the ultimate threat/run bait card. Put her behind a Hive or a Little Engine in the early game and the runner will start to sweat.

ICE- Raven Ward is your best friend, but other taxing ICE are there too. Authenticator is a flex spot, use it on an IP Block or a Gutenberg or whatever.

Operations-Money and Enforced Curfew to make Slee kill possible at full handsize. Put Sub Boost on a central Data Ward to maximize taxation.

Upgrades-Henry Phillips is great on the Ward server, but can be used elsewhere to make decent money.

3 Jun 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Authenticator is so evil in this sort of deck. I'm tempted to suggest something other than Hive, though... I feel like that influence could go towards patching up any loose ends. I also can't see myself playing SYNC with no Prisec whatsoever! I know slots are tight, so I guess it'll just have to evolve with testing. Glad to see a coherent Slee deck, finally! :)

3 Jun 2017 Handsome Jack

I really, really wanted Prisec, but deckslots are ridiculously tight. The only thing I might cut is the Sub Boost. Tis the plight of the lowered decksize.

3 Jun 2017 lostgeek

I love the ICE suite with the Raven Ward combo but I think the kill combo is a bit weak. Maybe cut the Hives for two Neural EMP and replace the enforced curfew with some other in-faction barriers (Wraparound?)