Dedicated Specialist

ntahfs 423

Why use so many breakers? Just use the dedicated specialist.

I've had moderate success with this deck. It is effective as a remote-lock playstyle. You can generally get into any remote for 2-4 credits (unless they go nuts and start stacking 6 or more ice. Then it get's a little harder to get in. There's absolutely no multi-access so it's not great against centrals. But generally, people assume green goes for R&D and they will spend time reinforcing those defenses. The Sacrificial Constructs keep the Clot around to prevent fast advance. So you'll have an opportunity to get those agendas. You'll just need a breaker and maybe a couple credits.

With Yog.0 and Dedicated Processor on the table you can get through anything for two credits or less, as long as it's a codegate. Tinkering let's you run unrezzed ice and Paintbrush lets you run rezzed ice. You can alternately use Egret on rezzed ice or Clone Chip/Self-modifying Code into Egret if the ice is unrezzed when you start your run. You can even Spooned an Egret off an ice to use it a second time in the same run with Clone Chip. Don't forget you can trash a program when you install another one, so if you have a Clone Chip down you can still reuse Egrets without a Spooned if you plan ahead.

All of this assumes you have the Dedicated Yog on the table. So you will need to use Ubax and Laguna Velasco District to draw through to find them sometimes. That's why you need the Levy AR Lab Access's. And, Gene Conditioning Shoppe on Symmetrical Visage lets you make a little money while you're drawing.

And since it's hard to tutor hardware, NVRAM gives you a better chance at starting out with a good hand. Mulligan your grip for Dedicated Processor if you don't land it on NVRAM. Other good uses of NVRAM are duplicate cards, or cards that need Dhegdheer, like Magnum Opus or Paintbrush. Putting the duplicates on NVRAM gets them out of your deck so you can draw through faster. And of course, having Levy AR Lab Access in NVRAM is a great idea (Same Old Thing isn't bad either); just in case you get locked down.

4 Jun 2017 Cpt_nice

Why would you play 3 Levy but no Diesel?

4 Jun 2017 ntahfs

@Cpt_nice Ubax & Laguna is already a lot of draw, so I think Diesel is redundant. But, Levy lets you reuse Tinkering, Clone Chip, and Egret a bunch. It's also good against damage or mill decks.

4 Jun 2017 Cpt_nice

@ntahfs Honestly, with only one Laguna, which costs a lot of money, you are better off dropping that for Diesel. If you draw Laguna as one of your last cards you are losing out on money. If you draw Diesel you can still draw. If you insist on Laguna, run multiples. Then at least you have a higher chance of opening with it.

4 Jun 2017 ntahfs

@Cpt_nice thanks for your comments. :)