The Princess Bride

Shockeh 751

Quote from me, first:

"I have literally forgotten why I chose this name, but it was a clever pun at the time."

The Dream

Click 1 - Mad Dash naked Eco Asset. Trash IHW with Titanium Ribs. Choose not to trash. Trigger Maw.

Click 2 - Rumor Mill. Fire Officer Frank & Clan Vengeance.

Click 3 - Run Archives, trigger Alice.

Bonus points if you Click 3/4 to SoT The Mad Dash.

Enjoy the moment of horror on the Corp face.


Really a first pass for comments, and also because I'm the sort of person that wants to Publish first, review, critique and improve, and the NRDB hivemind is good for that.

Yes, there's plenty of float slots. You could easily get in a Levy if you feel like it, and I've toyed with Scrubbers, Mediums, Dejas & Datasuckers, all the good standard Anarch cards that probably should get a mention. Keep the pressure up, change where you're hitting so they can't afford to lock up everywhere, and just like a kill-deck, make sure the Archives hit is a constant concern they need to waste effort on.

Basically, you have 'a combo' but don't become reliant on it. It 'works' because they need to focus their attention on you not taking points elsewhere.

Give Alice a whirl, she's much more fun than you might expect, and isn't 'just a Rebirth target'.

5 Jun 2017 quailman2101

I actually totally forgot about her. And I've been meaning to make an Officer Frank/Vengeance deck. I'll give something like this a whirl.

6 Jun 2017 stoppableforce

I think you originally called the deck "Inigo Montoya" because it was out for vengeance. It's only a hop skip and a jump from there to "The Princess Bride." But that was last week, which is basically forever ago in Slack history time.

6 Jun 2017 stoppableforce

Actual commentary: while it doesn't trigger Officer Frank, Stim Dealer does trigger Clan Vengeance, and in between that it's giving you five clicks per turn. Perhaps you can offset it with Brain Cage (which, again, triggers CV, if not Frank) or sell it to a Chop-bot when it's getting dangerous.

Outside of that, you've got most of the ways to meat damage yourself that aren't Dadiana Chacon or Tri-maf Contact. I keep hoping there'll be a reusable one to help more reliably trigger CV.

6 Jun 2017 Shockeh

Knew I loved having @stoppableforcearound for something. That's why!

Brain Cage goes in & out perpetually, as does Chop Bot. Both are good suggestions.

9 Jun 2017 lyudmilastechkin

Hi! I'm really jazzed to see that someone had a similar idea for a deck with Alice and clan vengeance. I'd love to hear your suggestions for how to improve mine. Question: how'd you publish this even though she's unreleased? It's not letting me post mine up.