Hate Machine with NACH (15th at Euros, 2nd Bratislava Reg. )

percomis 1107

Mostly posting for ABR reasons as this is almost card-for-card the list of @x3r0h0ur. The two cards I changed were -1 Dean and -1 Councilman for +1 System Seizure and +1 NACH and the latter paid off really well (was the MVP against every yellow deck I faced).

The deck is really strong, although the ETF Moon matchup is tricky (at least, seemed to me) and probably favours Moon. Future changes I'll try out is switch Ubax to Astrolabe (if Moon sticks around, which is bound to happen) and the second Councilman for an Inti (because Wraparounds as the innermost ice are really annoying), but everything else works quite great.

EDIT: Took this to Bratislava Regionals 2017 with -2 Ubax for +2 Astrolabe, -1 Councilman for +1 Inti and -1 Plascrete for +1 NACH (so going up to two). Placed second and got horribly beat by Aginfusion.

5 Jun 2017 Highwire

@percomis I still owe you a Moon 44 game vs this at some point :) Great to meet and play you, hope to see you again!

6 Jun 2017 Frogblast

agreed on the inti, sometimes I wish i had more programs to trigger hayley ability with SMC when clot or another emergency breaker is in my grip. Only one clone chip is rough for that reason. Also I feel like i don't need UBAX that much and astrolabe is much better against moon.

8 Jun 2017 Dis

Hah I took nearly this deck with those proposed changes to Euros (Ubax to Astrolabe, Councilman for Inti, though I also dropped the plascrete for NACH #2, and had Dean #3 over Seizure) and beat 7 of the 8 moon decks I encountered (don't ask how my corp did ><). Did you play Seizure for the ability or for current wars?

With astrolabe I think the matchup is at least even with Moons, the tempo difference in paying 5 credits for Ubax makes nearly as much difference as the ability.

Congrats on your finish!