Surat Architect Warehouse

alshorte 75

Okay, so this deck was inspired by RoboCop, but is a little different (thanks for the inspiration Daine!)

I have not tested it in a tournament setting, but it has done really well online, and is just a lot of fun to play (and play against given my opponents reactions :) )

Much like RoboCop you want to money up early to try to get off the Surrat-Brain Tapping Warehouse combo to rez crazy servers with all the big ice for 6 - 14 credit discounts per ice (or even more if they have Beth out!) In the mean time, sure up centrals with some cheaper ice to keep the runner in check (and get free rezes off the Architects ability).

What I have found is that with the Architects ID instead of ETF (as with RoboCop) you can get a lot of extra value, and often can still afford to rez the big ice even if the runner catches on and tries to disrupt the combo (or if you are unable to get enough money early to pull it off). It also gives you another way to duck siphons/vamp while setting up an impenetrable scoring server :)

Then you can proceed to toss never-advance items in the remote either scoring, or taxing the runner out on runs for nothing more than a Marilyn. Between Jackson, friends, and Marilyn reshuffling itself back, you will have enough money to last the mid - late game (you don't need much once all your ice is rezed) and enough assets to feign agendas. Friend is also great for recurring btw when against proactive runners who trash them before you get to combo

Most games I concede 4 or so points to my opponent then lock them out for the late game. So don't worry if you seem behind in the early game!

Anyway this deck is a lot of fun to play, and wins quite often! It just takes some time to figure out optimal ice placement and timing for the Surat-btw combo.