UltravioletMoon, 1st Place Düsseldorf Regionals(Undefeated)

Pinsel 1263

This is the EtF, that I won the Düsseldorf Regionals with.

General Gameplan
This is not an asset spam deck. It is fast advance build, that uses assets to draw and money up. Then jeeves enables it to fast advance Efficieny Commitee or just score in Remotes. The Agenda counters(EC or PV) synergize well with the economy, allowing the deck to keep up the pace.

The Cards:
Efficiency Committee: This Agenda is huge. It generates a lot of value. My favourites are: Moon: With more clicks, you can gain Moon counters more quickly Jeeves: with a 4-click turn, you can install jeeves and get value out of it in the same turn. UV Clearance: with 4 clicks, you can immediately use all cards drawn. UV Clearance installing Moon into double AAL with friends in one turn is ridiculously good. Shipment: Fast advancing agendas for free is great. Also allows winning through siphon spam. ABT+Vitruvius: 3/2 are good with a lot of fast advance tools. Jeeves makes it easy to generate vitruvius counters. GFI: Can easily be fast advanced to close out the game

AAL+Jackson are very solid. Moon is overpowered and jeeves synergizes with so many cards, that you often have 4 click turns. SanSan is just good and CVS is for clot. These assets and upgrades are enough to abuse Moon with friends.

Biotic obviously belongs in fast advance deck. ELP clears currents and friends, UV clearance and shipment provide a lot of value.

The ICE is standard good HB ICE (FC3.0, architect, eli). The cheap gearchecks slow down the runner when you are still poor and makes it easier to rush agendas/protect early Moons and Jeeves. Quandary also protects Fairchild from spooned.

11 Jun 2017 ANRguybrush

That's pretty cool and actually seems fair, even though moon is op.

Congratz again

12 Jun 2017 JackMade

Seems fair, but isn't really. :P

12 Jun 2017 ff0X

Congratulations on the win with a very cool deck.

12 Jun 2017 SneakdoorMelb

I've been trying this out a bit but seem to be clicking for credits a lot of the time. How do you usually set up? One remote?

12 Jun 2017 Pinsel

@SneakdoorMelb The economy is very tight. It takes practice to learn when you can afford stuff and rez ICE. You dont want to click for credits, because it is too slow, but there are enough ways to make money. I usually build one remote with taxing ICE and put my jeeves in it.

13 Jun 2017 JackMade

If you have Jeeves, clicking for credits like a Gila Hands Arcology is fine in my opinion -> Jeevla Hands Arcology.

15 Jun 2017 captaindrift

What would you look for in a starting hand?

16 Jun 2017 Pinsel

@captaindrift I usually want at least 1 piece of ICE. However if you dont expect significant central pressure (siphon, temüjin ) you can get away without ICE, but you would have to be able to draw enough quickly.

The next important thing is, that your starting hand allows for an efficient setup, so you can defend 3 servers soon. This usually involves AAL, Jeeves, Moon and UV clearance. Because of this, most hands that have to many of the following cards are bad: agendas, biotic, shipment. Too many friends without AAL and Moon are also bad.