Sifrsite (9th place DC Regionals)

Shishu 409

I took this to DC Regionals. I placed in 9th, barely missing the cut (boo). It went 3-2 on the day, losing to CI and IG. But it beat SYNC, Palana, and IG (timed win). It's your basic Sifr/Parasite plan, with just a little bit of tech to deal certain match-ups.

Game 1: SYNC

I was a bit worried about this match-up, because I usually run way too aggressively and get HHN'd early on. But this time I managed to money up and hit RND with Medium, which was protected by Turnpike and two Authenticators. I installed the NRE with Yog, which got hit by a Best Defense. So I just installed Datasucker and hit archives. I think I had to take the tag once, but I had enough money/clicks to clear it. Also had my Plascrete pretty early, so that helped too.

Game 2: CI

This match-up is nearly impossible. Penguins is just...ugh. By the time I found a Parasite (with no Sifr) to hit Mother Goddess, it was too late. I don't know what else I could have done. I tried getting him to rez the Turing in front of the Excalibur on HQ, but I stupidly installed the Yog first. Probably the only time I miss my boy Eddie Kim.

Game 3: Palana

This was a basic glacier deck, which is exactly what I was prepared to deal with, so this match-up went pretty smoothly. I managed to snipe an early Nisei off of R&D while he was setting up his scoring remote. He did manage to score out a TFP because I couldn't break Kakugo. Although thankfully I could break Lotus Field, thanks to a last minute include of NRE just for Lotus. Later I Parasited the Kakugo and ended up winning the Psi game to steal Braintrust. I also had slums out so I could RFG the Caprice. Eventually he started drawing like crazy, so I ran archives and could Film Critic a TFP.

Game 4: IG

This was quite a slog because I never saw Employee Strike. However, early slums meant Hostile couldn't do anything and I could safely RFG all the Bio-ethics for a ridiculous amount of money. I ran around a bunch looking for agendas, and managed to steal a House of Knives and a Fetal. He only scored out one House of Knives, and it went to time.

Game 5: IG

This game was on stream, so obviously I lost. It went similarly to the first. I had Slums and Film Critic early. I stole a TFP out of hand and later stole two House of Knives that were floating around. This time I had Employee Strike out for a few turns where I cheaply trashed Turtlebacks. I wanted to find Chairman Hiro, but I was too afraid to run his earlier remotes, which I thought were Snares! (turns out he never drew any!) But then he got Enforced Curfew out. I was digging for my Mimic so I could try and run R&D with Medium, but I didn't have enough money/cards to run safely. Then I ran a remote which was a Jackson he let me RFG (which should have tipped me off). He rezzes Chairman Hiro, and with Enforced Curfew still in play, I lost to a Philotic.

Overall, it was a fun tournament with a diverse meta. Not sure if I'd take this to another regional because I feel like a lot of people are going to be on CI, but we'll see.

12 Jun 2017 kevintame

So close! I like this deck MWL cards are good.