Friendscoats (9th place DC regionals)

Shishu 409

This is the corp deck I took to DC regionals, placing in 9th and barely missing the cut. It went 4-1. I took an old spags decks and changed the Ice suite around and took out San San City Grid for Caprice, and some extras.

Round 1: Andromeda

I honestly don't remember this match terribly well, but I believe this was a Nexus DLR Andy. I know I Biotic'd out an ABT and fired it. There was only and Ichi 1.0, which I almost didn't install because I was afraid he'd just run it and gain power tap credits. But I just put it on archives and he didn't do the thing. Later I was able to Friends back Caprice and Break Bay he milled and put it in my scoring server to get the win

Round 2: Whizzard

I got 2 ice in my opener (or maybe it was my mulligan, I don't remember), which was Ichi 2.0 and Architect. I put the Ichi on R&D, which was a good choice because he tried to Keyhole 3rd click and I trashed the Keyhole. I think he may have landed 1 or 2 Siphons, but HQ was pretty hard to get into with Swordsman and Architect (6 credits total). I think I got a campaign online, so I was able to stabilize and score out. There was at least one early Biotic'd agenda too. So yeah,

Round 3: Andromeda

This was more of reg Andy, which was easier to deal with. Again, I biotic'd out an early agenda. I think I ended up using Jackson for only 2 cards so I could have more Friends targets, which really help me late game. I got 2 campaigns online with a naked Sandburg that never got trashed, and Iced it once I got enough money for it to matter. I install the winning agenda in an Eli, Turing, Eli server and played ELP. I think he had to take money first click? So he was only able to break one 9 str Eli, trashed Abagnale to bypass Turing, only to bounce off the last Eli.

Round 4: Hayley

Boy, was I afraid of this match. Caprice, Sandburg, and Biotic are all useless here. So I throw them out. But he never got enough money to real do anything, with his Aesop's at the bottom of his deck. Scored out behind a big enough server.

Round 5: Whizzard

This was a total blow out. I had Turing on HQ, but he later spooned it. I had a Fairchild on R&D but he when he ran he triple clicked and stole an agenda. My big mistake was trying to score out while I was worried about a Siphon; I Friends'd a Crisium to protect HQ, only to have him simply run my scoring remote, break an Eli and click through Fairchild.

So that's it. I was pretty happy with how this performed, although I think I would swap the Swordsman for a Wraparound.