Inconceivable ETF (23rd DC Regionals)

Conphas 578

An updated Battle of Wits
Uses BigBoys newer ice suite. I like Black Level because it messes with Account Siphon/Keyhole spam.

I was 23rd on the Day. List went 2-2 (had a bye). I needed the bye to get my head on right.

Round 1 I lost to Siphon Spam Whizz. It was close, but they won before I could put together enough credits to triple EMP.

Round 2 was a loss to Grape Juice Ayla. That deck is excellent tech for this one, and Sanjay knew my tricks. The only way I can think to beat that deck is to get a turn 1 Mushin Mandatory Upgrades.

Round 3. I was 0-4 and this point, so the netrunner gods saw fit to make me take a break.

Round 4. Smoke. Turn 1 Cerebral Overwriter turned her brain to mush. Was able to close out with double EMP not long after.

Round 5. Whizzard faceplanted into a Brainstorm turn 2. Opponent conceded as there was no way they were going to be able to score out before I melted their brain.

BONUS! GNK 1-2 record. Round 1 Kate. Melted her brain. 5 Brain Damage, but she closed out the turn before I EMPd. If I had drawn 1 more card turn previous I would have one.

Round 2. Laramy Fisk. I got a turn one mandatory upgrade mushin. Scored it turn 2. Spent rest of game getting money and FA 3/2s

Round 3. Kate. Opponent read my mind perfectly. I mushined 6 times that game. 3 Agendas, 3 traps. Opponent got it right every time. I did successfully 'forget clot window'.
"Install, biotic, advance advance advance" "Wait! I have actions" "Oh.. forgot clot... uh.. Click 3 install ice" Landed an overwriter for 2 :) Was funny, but lost the game anyway.

It's fun deck. I think dropping the Black Level Clearance for +1 Archived memories and +1 IPO is probably right. But rezzing BLC against Eater is a riot. They can stay in for Siphon/Keyhole and have to deal with it again later, or they can jack out and waste the credits. If it had breaker bay it might actually be a decent strategy. Which is why I am trying Icecream Butchershop next.