Vegan Skorp (2nd DC Regionals)

netdeckdane 206

Pretty self explanatory. I was afraid of seeing Rumor Mill all day as a response to Moons/AgInfusion decks. So I played the corp that could RFG it simply by playing a current.

Did not see a Rumor Mill all day. Did see 6 Whizzards, 5 of which were Account Siphon spam. Played one psi game all day, which was disappointing for a deck that was designed to win with Caprice.

4-3 on the day. Really wasn't expecting so much Siphon Whizzard, but I think the deck improves markedly if I just replace one of the ice with a Boom! to keep them from going tag me. I'm not certain it improves the deck enough to warrant continued play.