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My take on AG Infusion!

When I was thinking about the ICE I most hate to encounter, willingly or unwillingly, Fairchild 3.0 came to mind first. I know a lot of runners will simply click through it, rather than spend the 6-9 credits it typically takes to make it through a Fairchild 3.0. So, I decided to build my AG Infusion deck around it.

CURRENTS: I've included a couple of Enhanced Login Protocols to make the first run cost an extra click, and making Fairchild 3.0 unclickable while ELP is active. I through in a couple of Scarcity of Resource l, which is arguably the most versatile current, right now. This deck has a total of 4 currents since Rumor Mill turns off Caprice and Employee Strike turns off the ID ability.

NON-FAIRCHILD 3.0 ICE: 3x of Chiyashi for the brutal facecheck and an expensive to break ICE to redirect the runner too. Paper clip, the most efficient fracter breaks for 7 credits. Komainu is another great ICE here. It costs at least 1 credit for every card they have in their hand (unless Mongoose is installed) or much, much worse for MKUltra. DNA Tracker is another good redirect target and Inazuma can go on the central or the scoring remote as a must break (as long as it's not the innermost ICE). Chimera is good early, to score behind, but also derezzes itself at the end of the turn for a future ID ability. Lastly, Excalibur is great once you get it rezzed. Without an AI breaker, the first run will be their last (assuming you have unrezzed ICE on that server).

MONEY: Hedge Fund, IPO, Restructure, and Celebrity Gift are all great and help rez the expensive ICE.

RECURSION: Replanting is actually pretty clutch. It's a bit of mind games, a bit of click compression, and a bit of money all in one. 3x Jackson Howard and a single Preemptive Action bring back trashed ice and money, while also helping to lower the agenda density in R&D. Friends in High Places is nice for bringing back a trashed Jackson or Caprice.

AGENDAS: 3x Nisei MK II are PHENOMENAL in this deck for their end the run tokens. A big rezzed ICE on a remote in front of an unrezzed ICE could mean they have to break the big ICE 3 times in a turn with the ID ability and a Nisei token. 3x The Future Perfect for their defensive ability and lower agenda density. 1x Philotic since it can be never advanced. Lastly, 1x Improved Protein Source. This agenda is very underrated as a 4/3. The MVP play is to install and advance once when you're on 4 points. Most runners won't bother since they think it's another Nisei.

I really enjoy playing with this deck and ID ability. It really has legs against a lot of very strong runner decks. This corp identity, I believe, is better than Replicating Perfection. It definitely requires more skill and nuance, but with experience, the ID can cause some major problems!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

14 Jun 2017 GameOfDroids

This looks awesome. The Chimera include is genius! I noticed you listed Replanting under recursion, but it only installs stuff from HQ, right?

14 Jun 2017 Nick!

@GameOfDroidsYeah, maybe "recursion" isn't the best description for Replanting. I think "repurpose" may be a better description since you can bring a rezzed piece of ICE back and reinstall it if need be. Last night I used Replanting to bring back a Jackson that I wasn't ready to remove from game, installed a Nisei and an ICE on the scoring remote, and then advanced. I like it, it's pretty versatile.