Handfull of Misery

damiensabin 13

This deck is about getting a larger hand size with Beach Party and Adjusted Chronotype then trashing most of them to Severnius Stim Implant for large accesses. Once you get Gene Conditioning Shoppe and a second Beach Party out you no longer care about the brain damage from Amped Up and Stimhack.

You can cycle through the deck fast enough that getting the single Sifr out is not a problem. You can then use Sifr to lower the strength of encountered ICE to 0 then break it with Darwin without any strength counters on it. Of course, e3 Feedback Implants work well with Quetzal: Free Spirit ability. Knight is in there for redundancy and help against glacier decks along with Paperclip and MKUltra for those times when you can't use an AI. Save your Incubator counters until you really need to add strength or to drop onto Medium or Nerve Agent just before a good run.

I find myself using Same Old Thing and Déjà Vu to replay Game Day multiple times filling up my 15 card hand limit from 1-2 cards. Between that and Duggar's you can run through your deck a couple times a game.

Titanium Ribs is in there to make sure you don't loose Levy AR Lab Access to self inflicted brain damage.