Secret Service

PrestonS 51

Finished 1st at a small (7 players) local GNK tournament.

Weyland got a lot of interesting new cards in TD, so I thought I'd revisit Argus Security and see what I could come up with.

The basic strategy here is to score out while your opponent is avoiding tags. If they make a mistake, end the game with Consulting Visit Scorch BOOM!

Limit early central runs with cheap ETR ice and Argus ability.

Get some tagging ice on a remote.

Use K. P. Lynn and Prisec on centrals vs aggressive runners, otherwise throw them in your scoring remote.

Try to sneak out an early Atlas, or just score a Hostile or two from hand. Later, Casting Call an Oaktown, or GFI into your remote and dare them to run.

Save MCA Informant and Hunter Seeker to snipe Film Critic and Aaron/NACH. If they play a second copy you may need Jackson to recur them.

Rumor Mill hurts, but you can always score a Hostile out of hand to clear it.

Overall, a really fun corp deck that doesn't rely on assets, defends it's servers in a unique way, and can even win a game or two.

15 Jun 2017 NoahTheDuke

and can even win a game or two.

High confidence! This list looks like fun.