So We're Trying This Again?

MattyJWest 65

Still looking for a way to make a brain damage CyDiv work, but Black Level Clearance makes things a little more promising (for as long as we have access to Breaker Bay Grid anyway).

Could definitely use more/better economy. Maybe Marilyn Campaign instead of Adonis so you can keep cycling them?

15 Jun 2017 JohnnyMilton

Yeah, I've tried something similar, rocking the FC3/Turing+Ryon Knight combo:

Getting in some Snare!s worked reeeeally well. Like 1 in 2 wins was a Snare! flatline.

16 Jun 2017 hughest

I played this deck against my buddy tonight and it was a lot of fun. He was down to a max hand size of 1 after only a few turns. Plays quickly if it is unexpected, thanks for sharing!

17 Jun 2017 Animus88

How do you find the deck does in terms of money? Besides the Adonis and Hedge, I feel like it may be missing some cash, considering all your ice are fairly high rez cost.

17 Jun 2017 Animus88

That's cause I clearly missed the Breaker Bay's.....:P

17 Jun 2017 MattyJWest

@Animus88Even with the Breaker Bay, it's still definitely a little poor. The slots are pretty tight too, but like I say in the description, trading Marilyn Campaign in for Adonis Campaign might help keep the money rolling longer? Dunno :/