Montisunny 2

Early draft of latest jank deck...Really not sure on ICE suite, but, here goes nothing.

The execs at Spark Agency know their key demographic: millenials.

Between paying off their Student Loans, dealing with a Scarcity of Resources in the housing market, and obsessing over latest and greatest tech peddled by NBN's advertisements...their paycheck quickly disappears.

This deck aims to deny any and all credits in the runner's bank account by making everything incredibly expensive to install while rezzing ads as often as possible at key moments to reduce their credits even further. Ideally, this causes them to need to click for credits, which is where your CPC Generators come in to beef up your own bottom line. Typically this means that the runner will be far too poor to break your ICE. If they have an Inside Job or similar run event to help them out, those student loans will quickly put an end to that.