Rosetta Stone Leela (5th/6th at MN Regional)

Fictional 1528

Went 3-0 through Swiss with a last round ID, and then proceeded to lose 2 games in the cut to SYNC Boom and CI Penguins Combo. It won against Glacier RP, Gagarin Sandburg, and Skorp Fast Advance.

I built this deck expecting to go against more ETF Moons decks but to still have game against the field and didn't see any Moons on the day and only one asset spam deck. As was predicted but I ignored CI was common and that is what would end my tourney in the cut.

Basically the deck has too much Econ, and you can cut some of it to fit in more tech cards. Aeneas was a bad call because there was only 1 asset spam deck I faced. Cutting Aeneas and some amount of Career fairs can be done easily without hurting your econ and would allow more tech or crim tricks.

So the problem then becomes CI. This deck cannot beat CI without some serious luck. If CI leaves the meta this deck can become very good. It has econ for glacier and assets, as well as many tools for high pressure accesses such as Equivocation and Sneakdoor. The new CI decks cannot be beaten by the standard crim 3 siphons anymore, they make too much money and even if I was packing employee strike they have more recursion and tools to handle it. It is very unlikely that you can beat penguins with accesses, new CI doesn't get as flooded as shutdown CI did.

Rosetta: The spicy card. I believe Rosetta is much better than special order for Criminals. Being able to put 1 off programs in your deck and being able to drop them quickly and cheaply is very good. The next test I will be doing is replacing the Tapwyrm's with Cache's and replacing Equivocation with Keyhole.

Equivocation: In testing being able to fetch Equivocation after a Leela bounce and then tearing though R&D won me many games. But against CI this hurts you and helps them, unless you can mill them out.

Sac Con: I think these were a terrible include only to counter the expected Skorp matchup. I would rather sacrifice the matchup to shore up others. Possibly including Employee Strikes and more Femmes and Inside Jobs instead to compensate, since Femmes can be traded in with Rosetta.

Overall a strong deck but not right for the current meta.

18 Jun 2017 Ajar

You don't think the Tapwrm/Sac Con synergy is worth it?

18 Jun 2017 Fictional

In a more glacier/tag storm meta yeah then the Tapwyrm and Sac Con would be great. The problem right now is the best corps don't really care about your money they only care about out racing you so these cards become dead and slow down your draw.

19 Jun 2017 willsta

why equivocation over medium?

19 Jun 2017 Fictional

Medium was in the deck before Rosetta was realeased. I changed it because I liked being able to find Equivication easily for pressure when I needed it.

19 Jun 2017 BizTheDad

After reading your writeup and more I specifically your comments regarding Rosetta 2.0 versus Special Order, I did some testing with Cache. You are absolutely correct. That combo is far more effective than Special Order. The tempo gain is crazy. You get the money from Cache, the saved click from Rosetta and the discount install as well. Yeah, I'm never going back.

19 Jun 2017 manveruppd

Bear in mind Aeneas snitches won't trigger during keyhole runs, so you might want to switch back to sec testing if you make that switch.