There is no Grid (5th/6th at MN Regional)

Fictional 1522

AgInfusion, the ultimate runner click compression, the new RP. What if we could literally double down on ID ability's and infuse Ag with RP? That's what was done here. We are making runners run a central server often times 3 times in a row, once after we use our ability, and once more after a crisium trash. That is if they can get past caprice. Normally a runner has 4 clicks, most of the time this means that the runner has to make 4 runs in order to steal your agenda, so they have no time on their turn to do anything else to prepare.

This deck went 2-1 in swiss with a last round ID. Losing a very close siphon Whiz match where he was able to recur Employee strike multiple times to eliminate my ability. Whiz was on 5 points and only had 1 run left in him before I stabilized and locked down my centrals. He hit an agenda in my flooded HQ and won. I had 2 wins, one vs a Laramy Fisk flood and one vs a Steve Cambridge Apoc. In both games I was able to lock down my centrals and then close out the games. In the cut I was only able to play 1 game unfortunately because I felt this was a better deck then my Leela. I was able to win vs Inversificator Kit by locking HQ and keeping my agenda flood, making the deep digs on R&D fruitless.

I believe this deck is extremely strong and yet very unrefined. I think there are many things that can be done to make the deck better.

There are 2 issues that you face. Employee strike: this gives the runner a click partially nullifying your plan. Money: You want to rez 2 big peices of ice each game. One on HQ for tax and one on R&D to bounce runners to for taxing and to keep away consistent runs on R&D. You also need to afford Off the Grid, Crisium, and caprice.

I think the next iteration of this deck will include breaker bay grids for the OTG remote and possibly ELP as a counter current and added click compression.

As far as how to play the deck. Get HQ stacked up with a couple ice early. Most games R&D only ever had one ice, a DNA tracker or a Chiyashi, it's all you need. Against crims with sneakdoor you also need to get a crick and another ice for bouncing on archives. If you get striked just make HQ taxing and proceed with the normal OTG plan. If the runner is being clever and not running, then give them a threat. This is usually in the form of sundew. Put a sundew behind some ice and if they don't run you get money, if they do run you get an ice to bounce them to for tax.

Don't get too greedy with your agendas. If you have an agenda in your OTG server and they run HQ to weaken it and force your ability, feel free to shore up HQ with another bounce target and slow roll the agenda. Rebuilding OTG is too expensive to do more than once or twice.

If you suspect impactful run events like siphons/cutlery/vamps it is easy to defend against with your ability mostly forcing runners to play your game allowing you to dictate the pace throughout the match.

23 Jun 2017 kevo31415

Sweet deck, Jeff.