King Arthur's Tourism Agency (1st @ Wrocław Regionals, 6-1)

Matuszczak 1968

This deck hard-carried me to a victory in Wrocław Regionals today, dropping a single game in the final round of Swiss throughout the entire tournament (shout out to Miriam and her Andy play).

Won against Smoke, Whizz, Kate and Selverin's Ayla x3.

It's basically a good cards AgInfusion deck. The Grail suite compensates for the shortcomings of Jinteki ICE and synergizes with Batty. I tend to play the deck quite rushy, pushing agendas on remotes before the runners can respond and close out with help of ID/Excalibur/Psi upgrades/Nisei counter shenanigans. You can abuse Excalibur if they have no answer to it.

Even though Employee Strike and Rumor Mill are really annoying I decided against including my own currents since I couldn't win the current war against the runners anyway. Thank God only one of them can be in play at once.

The ID is very new and I'm still fine-tuning this deck. Mumbad City Grid has a number of creative uses, but despite showing some promise in testing, I might end up cutting it anyway. The Ichi is 2 influence to experiment with, I will go against my initial reservations ("what the hell does this card even do and who in his right mind thinks it's better than Ichi" :P) and try Selverin's Holmegaard suggestion.

Most importantly it's the most fun corp deck I've played in a longer while. Enjoy!

19 Jun 2017 MrHuds0n


19 Jun 2017 RubbishyUsername

Very impressive! Can you comment on going down to one Jack, especially given that you have some free influence in the Ichi?

19 Jun 2017 Matuszczak

@RubbishyUsernameI'm a big fan of rushy decks recently, pushing agendas on the remote pretty agressively. I'm assuming that if I go for the long game runner will find a way to steal the agendas one way or another. Ideally I try to score agendas as they come, but I am running a significant risk of flooding myself, which did happen a few times this weekend. That's okay, you need to protect HQ against pretty much anything anyway. Cutting JHs might be a questionable choice, but I have the impression that shuffling agendas delays defeat more than helps me win. The influence is easier to find than the slots.

19 Jun 2017 konradh

Caprice is a fun card and will be missed.

19 Jun 2017 RubbishyUsername

@Matuszczak I mean, you don't have to shuffle agendas in. Putting back upgrades and particularly economy seems like a pretty good deal, and it lets you find agendas if you don't have them

19 Jun 2017 Matuszczak

@RubbishyUsernameAgreed 100%, it's extremely flexible. Additional JH is definitely on my cards to consider list, I just don't think it's worth the slot at the moment. I'd have to cut an operation, ICE or upgrade and I think all of them are more valuable.

19 Jun 2017 el-zilcho

@MrHuds0n: Dude. Please delete that seizure-inducing gif. You're gonna hurt somebody.

20 Jun 2017 MrBuggles

I'm curious about whether you think this is better than Grail Palana, or just different?

20 Jun 2017 Mirilu

Gratulations again for the win! :) have you considered adding a cortex lock to punish fearless runners (like me) in the early game? if it becomes blank at some point you could just trash it with your ID

21 Jun 2017 Matuszczak

@MrBugglesI think it's better. All the Grail Palana game plans are still open, the economy is just weaker , but with IPO you are able to make it decent enough. I think the Excalibur shananigans, run event protection and redirections into unpleasant ICE more than compensate for that.

@MiriluProbably worth testing, especially that I'm trying to force runners to respond to the scoring threat before they assemble full MU. It's cheaper than Komainu and comparably threatening.

21 Jun 2017 MrBuggles

That all makes sense, I'll give it a spin. Last question - how do you deal with lock Hayley? They have rumor mill, and can deal with excalibur with Faust. The only out I can see is rushing with a defensive upgrade until they find rumor mill, and then lean on chiyashi once they have both rumor mill and Faust.

21 Jun 2017 hsiale

The problem of Palana is that its gameplan of scoring behind Caprice/Batty remote folds completely to Rumor Mill, they are rich but cannot win. AgInfusion uses the same plan but has its own ability as a backup. This backup of course folds to Employee Strike, but as no runner can have both at the same time, you always have some plan to score.

Lock Hayley has a really hard time against Chiyashi, if you can use AgInfusion ability or Nisei token to make her run it twice, the Astrolabe version cannot do this without using Dean Lister, even with extra click from Beth. And even if you somehow manage to get in, you lose 10ish cards from hand and 12 from top of deck, with most of those decks cutting 3rd Levy you cannot do this for long.

27 Jun 2017 konoharaven

What do you think about Underway Grid in place of Mumbad City Grid? In the handful of games I've played with the deck so far, MCG has been discard fodder, but against both Sunny and the new Snitch/Andromeda shenanigans, Underway Grid seems to have advantages.