Titan FA 3-1 Regionals

Axlotl 2572

Titan fast advance. Win from Atlas-Atlas-Atlas-Hostile or Atlas-Atlas-Food. FA food by using Biotic Labor + Red Planet Couriers.

Ice can be really taxing if Anson goes unanswered for a while.

Corp Sales is better than Oaktown with ToL/Audacity Shenanigans, which is how you score it.

Archived Memories helps get back FA pieces lost to Audacity. or pulls a ToL/Aud/Biotic back to keep the Atlas FA chain running.

Runner deck did not perform and is not worth reporting upon.

19 Jun 2017 tantale

It seems hard to score if your Hostile Takeover or any Project Atlas get stolen. I added a Merger (!) and put 3 Hostile Takeover in my FA Titan. How was your experience with this issue?

19 Jun 2017 Axlotl

Merger feels really risky. The other agendas just need an extra piece to score. Maybe a food could be trimmed, but I'd be more inclined to go with 2x hostile and 3x corp sales if I did that. I like the lower density in this Mad Dash fueled world. 3 Foods increases the odds of drawing 1 over the course of your other FA shenanigans enabling the surprise 5/3 FA push. If you do a traditional 2/2/2/1 score plan the opponent sees it coming from a mile away and goes for broke on that last turn. Surprise factor is huge.