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Axlotl 2551

Siphon Spam Steve Cambridge using the shaper box for SoT and Dirty.

You get 2 Siphons with 5 Siphon recursions, +3 more Siphons from Steve's ID.

Rubicon Switch is oppressive versus decks that are light on econ, and I used it with Forged Activation as ice destruction by sniping problem ice i had previously derezzed after landing siphons. I would play another copy if I played this deck in the future.

I played vs PE and PU, and Steve was pretty oppressive in both. Against PU I left a credit on Bank Job and dropped On The Lam onto it, and ran without fear of burst net damage. Steve's ID provided a lot of extra hit points. I mostly camped remotes in between keeping the opponent siphon locked and poking HQ. Against PE I made some good/lucky calls on agendas, sniping a mushined 4/2 and finding a Future Perfect in archives click 1 guessing my opponent had ditched an agenda in preparation for a Preemptive. I was correct. I also had Sucker/Desperado installed, so if I had guessed wrong I still got value for the click.