Spark Sandburg (2-1) Cache Refresh

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Axlotl 2566

Played against 3 Smokes (surprise!), 1 narrow win, 1 narrow loss, and 1 strong win. I lost to medium digs with an ice light draw, after getting Sandburgs trashed 4! times while stalling the mediums. (One trash before install, 1 trashed off the table before i found any ETRs other than my turn 1 Engima on RnD, then I had to Friends back two bare 'burgs to stop the RnD dig for a few turns.) The last Friends would have turned the game around at any point during the 6 or whatever turns after I finally found ice where I was praying for it to show up and offer salvation.

I looked at Spark since it is synergistic with the bidding mechanic in Cache Refresh. The idea here is to spam ads, sapping your opponent's money while building yours. Then once they finally assemble a rig, rez a Sandburg. You can also do Bryan shenanigans and make even more money if you see him in the right window. I topped out around 70 credits banked during one of the wins.

Special Report keeps agendas from building up in HQ while you set up or wait for a window.

Moon does Moon things. Friends does Friends things, which is to say, it loses you friends.

Paper Trail is great in this deck and this format and should have been 3x. Net Quarantine and Rebranding are both trash. Cut whichever you want. I guess technically Net Quarantine hoses Sunny... Look, the yellow agenda spread in Cache is crap if you aren't on tags, this deck isn't really about the agendas.