noob kit - 1st @ MN Regionals 2017 526

RD 1 - bye (2-0)

RD 2 win vs all barriers Skorp (4-0) gameplan in this matchup is money up with opus and then periodically test run with lady to cluster a remote steal with a legwork or deep rd dig. this worked faster than expected, as i took 6pts out of a 4 deep rd dig.

RD 3 loss vs Moons (4-2) This is a difficult matchup. My plan v Moons is to mostly ignore board state and build for as many hail marys as i can afford with maker's +RDI and legworks. Sandburg made this less viable. I stole 4 pts, but, ultimately, I just couldn't afford enough accesses.

RD 4 win vs PE (6-2) PE with hunter seekers and lockdown. I found film critic very early and, without MCA or voter intimidation, this was essentially gameover.

ELIM RD 2 win vs Blue Sun I knew he was on vegan blue sun with caprice, so I prioritized setting up RDIs and finding vamp. I stopped his first score attempt with a surprise stimhack and then got 4 more points digging RD. He'd scored out 5pts, however, behind caprice and a curtain wall. With both of us at game point, he went to score an oaktown in the caprice remote. vamp

Finals Game 1 loss vs SYNC It was a time loss on points. I drew my whole deck looking for plascrete (bottom card). I'm not sure that he had any outs when time was called. I really missed the second femme.

Overall thoughts: The deck is more fun to play than ever with Inversificator. Swapping the two gordians for invers was an easy decision. I also cut 1 Femme, 1 Stimhack, and 1 Tinkering for 1 FC, 1 Plascrete, and 1 Vamp. I never used to play tech cards in the deck and I'm still uncertain how I feel about it. The vamp was meant to help with caprice and it did. But the femmes were meant for data ravens and I seriously missed them in the Sync matchup.

Had a great time and got super lucky at points throughout. Shoutout to Boggs and the other tournament organizers. Also shoutout to the guys who drove from Winnipeg, played some great netrunner, and almost stole our regional ;)

19 Jun 2017 FightingWalloon

Great job and congratulations! I admire the work you've done by sticking with one deck and just playing it until you know how to tackle various match ups.

When I heard the report that you dropped a Femme, I was wondering if that would ever bite you. I play this deck much less than you do, but I often find having 2 Femme a big deal.

In the Skorpios match, was he not playing the Salem's variant? Seems like after you Test Run Lady he could get it with a Salem's after you draw it.

Will be sorry to see rotation gut this deck.

19 Jun 2017 BizTheDad

Congrats on the win! I had a blast watching you play this deck and I was very impressed watching you win without any of the tech cards that we so often assume you have to have in today's meta.

19 Jun 2017 moistloaf

noob kit best kit

19 Jun 2017 ren666

Noob Kit rocks.

I don’t think rotation will completely kill this deck though. The core engine remains intact – Stim + SMC + Makers + Opus.

We lose RnD, Testrun, QT and Workshop. RDI Could be 3x SoT for more Makers and Leg runs. Modded for Workshop to keep tempo, Maybe Earthrise for QT.

Testrun seems to me to be the biggest hit after RDI. Not sure how to get around that. Maybe 1 or 2 Clone Chip? That’s going to be rough..

21 Jun 2017 FreqKing

Well played, congrats on the win. I had a ton of fun at the tournament. As your opponent in Round 1 of the finals I can confirm I didn't have much hope other than a timed win with SYNC at the end.