blue 45 (um...49) - 1st @ MN Regional 2017 526

RD 1 - bye (2-0)

RD 2 win vs MN Mopus Max (4-0) He gets mopus turn 1 and installs a plascrete turn 2. I just start scoring and playing cash. At some point he makes a steal and i hit him for midseasons and hunter seeker his plascrete. Next turn I follow up with consulting boom.

RD 3 lose vs Siphon Apoc Whiz (4-2) I start fast with a huge money lead. He goes for a combo turn siphon, rd, archives, apoc. I make the mistake of rezzing Orion on RD and am 2 credits short of consulting boom after his apoc turn leaves the siphon tags. He siphons again and starts to keyhole. I OAI a curtain wall on RD, making boom live next turn and turning off keyhole. Looking for last minute options, he draws click 1, draws click 2, installs utopia shard click 3, runs archives click 4 (last chance). The utopia shard pop + previous keyholes combine for exactly 7 pts, Otherwise I've got 2 consultings in hand to boom. Really close, exciting game.

RD 4 win vs Maw Ed Kim (6-2) This is a matchup nightmare, as the deck is almost half operations and usually doesn't have enough ice to keep centrals tightly locked. I keep a hand with two enigmas to lock centrals right away and score two hostiles. With a significant money lead and midseasons and consulting in hand, I decide to end things quick and throw out a non advanced GFI. He checks it and gets boomed in two turns.

ELIM RD 1 win vs Tem Whiz Crazy game where I land a midseasons very early and boom to kill a plascrete. He plays deja vu to get the plascrete back and draws up again. I boom again to kill the plascrete and shuffle both booms back into the deck. As I'm digging for my third boom he pops a trope to shuffle plascrete back, draws, installs plascrete. I hit him one more time with Boom and then start finding agendas to score. I use atlas counters to find atlas + audacity to close the game from 5.

ELIM RD 3 win vs Au Revoir Ayla Thinking this is combo Ayla, I start rushing to score out like mad. I score out 7 behind a curtain wall enigma server. He didn't see any of his hyperdrivers and couldn't keep up with the score and kill threat.

GRAND FINALS win vs Au Revoir Ayla I followed the same plan as last time, not icing centrals and focusing on the score. He kept pace this match much better, chaining hyperdrivers and building up the full au revior ttw board. I got to 5 and pulled audacity and atlas to close the game but he clotted. However, on his turn he couldn't break the mother goddess on the remote and his turning wheel RD dig saw 5 cards and only 2pts.

Overall thoughts: Adding IPOs seemed to be worth losing the consistency of the 45 card deck it used to be. MCA informant killed the only film critic it needed to kill. I used to play 1 Biotic Labor in kill/rush Argus, so Audacity is an absolutely incredible card for this archetype. I'm still not sure on Best Defense vs Hunter Seeker. But the deck is fun to play and felt very strong against the meta.

19 Jun 2017 Matuszczak


19 Jun 2017 moistloaf

loved this deck and your take on it . That tem whizz game sounds wild. Grats! how is the Andy mup? Turn 1 temu was always tough to beat with the original list for me

20 Jun 2017 schum495

I am so glad that was you who won first You played a really mean game (I was the Apoc Whizzard for your third game). I am really excited to play against you next! :)