Haas' Owl Sanctuary (Casual CR Tournament Undefeated)

Rahrhino 130

Disclaimer: The tournament was a very casual 3 rounds of Swiss but I think this archetype has some legs...

So this is a bit of a FA/glacier/rush mish-mash.

Game Plan
Mulligan for at least 2 pieces of ice and slam them down with your ID... Go fast!

You'll notice that there are no code gates. This is good for two main reasons!
1. People see HB and think "I want my decoder down because HB has some nasty code gates". Excellent! They have just lost tempo finding and installing a dead card.
2. I was expecting to see both Inversificator and Yog with Dedicated Processor. I saw both installed. They were both useless :D
Sentries are difficult to deal with in this format so lots of them becomes very taxing for the runner. Owl is a rush MVP and worth the 3 include. Put it in front of a barrier to force the runner to find both a killer and fracter. I successfully returned a Paperclip with one to the top of the stack which opened a scoring window. Sherlock 2.0 proved very difficult for the runner to deal with. Both of these cards counter Sac-Con and conspiracy breakers.

F/A options
In game 1 I FA'd out an Elective Upgrade. That's pretty nutty for a limited format. The San-San is great for both FAing, ducking siphons and as trash bait to keep the runner poor for the glacier win. Try to rush an early EU to set you up later on.

Hunter Seeker won 2 games as the runner has limited recursion in this format. Trashing a dedicated mimic was a massive tempo-hit for the runner. Beanstalk!? It's limited. You will get siphoned. Keep it in your hand to recover.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome!

21 Jun 2017 Sanjay

This deck looks really fun!

The Owl tech seems rad. I kinda overlooked that card but it seems really good for rush.

Seidr Adaptive Barrier is such a good card for these kind of decks. Lets you transform from a rush deck in the early game to a glacier deck in the late game, just like you'd want to.

Congrats on doing well with the list. Hope you got nice prizes.

21 Jun 2017 Rahrhino

Thanks @Sanjay It is a really fun deck, for sure! I got a nice full art Political Operative which I've very pleased with :D

22 Jun 2017 cspieker

Cool deck! Mother Goddess is not Cache Refresh-legal though, right? Better give back your prize. :(

22 Jun 2017 Rahrhino

@cspiekerooops, I didn't see that before uploading. This was swapped out for a bastion :)