Briefcase of Holding

Handsome Jack 1587

Jemison FA/24/7 kill. Score 1 or more Posted Bounty, then use 24/7 News Cycle to give them a tag for 2 Scorched Earths.

Agendas- fairly Standard 3x Atlas, 3x Hostile. Posted Bounty for the kill and Graft for that sweet tutor. Standoff is weird and I like it. We don't have a ruling yet on whether the runner can trash corp cards and vice versa, but it still a neat agenda either way. It also has the nice bonus of clearing those pesky Employee Strikes.

Assets- Jackson and Ibrahim just because of an agenda trigger and a sweet effect.

Operations- Money and combo., plus MCA for Aaron or Beth or whoever.

Upgrades- Bryan and Oberth

ICE- Some gearchecks and some taxers. Oberths are disposable as long as you manage to score a Posted Bounty. You can protect them or don't.

This deck has been doing extremely well on, garnering as many scoring wins as flatlines. Overall I think the deck is quite versatile and can do well against a multitude of archetypes.

22 Jun 2017 Saan

I actually kinda like this. I was just discussing a deck kinda like this with someone. We weren't doing the Bounty portion, but it gives another good reason to have the 24/7s. Depending on how often you can get a Graft off, it might be fine to just run 2x Scorch. You also have Atlas', so that can certainly help as well. It might also be fine to run 2x Hostile, 3x Posted in order to see and score it more often to keep that threat alive (as well as reduce potential Bad Pub). I say that, but Hostile might be the best card in Jemison overall, so maybe it's just bad to drop one =P

Only 14 ICE is a little scary when running real 3-pointers, so maybe if you do drop a Scorch it can become another Archer or maybe some random ETR.

Anyhow, deck seems cool!

23 Jun 2017 aermet69

It reminds me a lot of the SYNC builds. Very nice. I would definitely find room for 1x Closed Account. The 24/7 into Closed Account is an excellent secondary plan if they have too much Scorch protection.

25 Jun 2017 Saan

RIP Standoff.