Alice Unchained

CodeMarvelous 19757

23 Jun 2017 Benjen

The combo of Maw and Aeneas Informant is so so beautiful.

24 Jun 2017 BloodJoker

@CodeMarvelousthis is fairly similar to the Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator deck i was testing not so long ago. think im gonna play it cause Aeneas Informant is fucking SAWEET! Needs more Bhagat though.

25 Jun 2017 Billrye

I've play tested this deck the biggest drawback is money you need those psudo mag opus hits or its going to be rough, its a expensive setup figure 6 for maw, 6 for pancake wyld and whatever you need to put in for breakers it adds up really fast, right now I removed medium's and the plascrete's and added dayjob and bhagat tempted to try and find influence for peace in our time just to add more padding for money.

26 Jun 2017 Klopstock

@Billrye I don't like those changes. Yeah, the money is a little rough sometimes, but I would never, ever cut the Mediums (Media?). Medium digging and getting all your money back from the Informants is just far too great of a combo to cut. And removing Plascretes is either very sensible (if noone around you is playing Boom) or (more likely) utter madness. But I agree with you and @BloodJoker that Bhagat is a nice addition to the deck. It really cranks up the HQ pressure and in a 50 card deck you actually have the deck slot for it. I myself cut an Inject for it. That makes the deck a little more susceptible to a bad starting hand, but once you have Wyldside out, you don't really need them anymore, so I figured I could live with only two of them.