Desperado Val - 1st Place at NH regionals

tf34 1031

The power of this deck is in its versatility. You can be super Whizzard, or you can be Ed Kim with lots of link. This deck was undefeated on the day.

Val can be more powerful than whizzard, but its need for asset support cards combined with deck size makes using her less appealing. The deck has 6 support cards (desperado/scrubber/rebirth/john m), and odds are you will see at least one of them early. The later the game goes, the more you will find and eventually assets have no chance.

26 Jun 2017 mathandlove

In a hypothetical world without asset spam (Colorado), what would you replace Hacktivist meeting with?

26 Jun 2017 tf34

@mathandlove The way you lose to moons is by not having answers to architect or ELP. That's why Hacktivist is a 3of (and why I play 4 killers).

If I could add more cards, it would probably be some combination dirty laundry, stimhack.