Butchershot Ice Cream 2.0 (London Regional King of Swiss)

MrEhjiwurth 1583

I've never seen a man grin so wide than he did when we first opened. I thought it was just the snazzy promotion he got but there's something...off behind that innocent smile. That gentle look and demeanor he always had on the shop floor. And then I saw it as he was serving a customer. In his eyes...the glint he had. The eyes of the Devil.

Vid Log of Ex Butchershot Ice Cream Parlour Employee

Ah! Welcome back fellow patrons! I'm glad you could join me once again for some tasty scoops of justice for corps everywhere. As you may know I made this deck for Euros the morning of the biggest event in Netrunner and it came 24th. The full write-up can be found here. https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/43265/butchershot-ice-cream-parlour-24th-at-euros-

Now I get asked by quite a few people:

"How the hell did you make this?"

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Wouldn't you be better playing a meta deck?"

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That's my response to such questions. Let me break it down for you. I can't...play meta decks. By that I mean I just don't mesh well with them. This isn't some sort of hipster rebellion. I do that by playing this instead of Magic. No by that I mean I find it very very difficult playing a deck that isn't my own creation. The reason is I become so intune with what I've made. I connect with it and establish my gameplan within the construction. Sure I take many inspirations from great decks that succeed and playing meta decks is absolutely fine and reasonable. I personally just find more enjoyment and success with my own builds. That is the only wise advice I can give in this game. It's not always the deck that'll win it. You can have the most full-proof absolute, win guarantee making deck but your ability to pilot it will carry you leaps and bounds further than anything.

So what's changed?

To be honest as you have already noticed not much have switched out the deck. The main change is the Marilyn Campaign which were a much better replacement than Eve Campaign. Turns out Grannies sell Ice Cream better than Super Models. Whodda thunk it? We still have our three main flavours of death on offer for Runners to taste at their own volition. However a new brand of brain has sifted in. Brainstorm was another target for our Corporate Troubleshooter who wanted to improve his upselling of two scoops of death. Honestly that man needs a promotion.

The performance

This deck went undefeated all day. Playing only three out of five rounds of swiss I ID'd the last two for two reasons. A, because I wanted to make the cut which is logical. Yes I know ID is really dumb but it's legal and I'll use it like every other pro player in a big tournament. B, I just wanted to feel the experience. It felt pretty good. We just relaxed and played for fun. I felt like I was in a VIP Lounge of master race Netrunners. It was strange just chilling with Alex White, Tim Fowler and Rufus.

And this was my first KING OF SWISS! Release the FENRIS HOLDING OUT BALLOONS AS ZED'S AND VIKTOR'S THROW CONFETTI! I was so stoked to of done so well. Three sweeps throughout the day felt incredible. Like I leveled up as a person. I felt like I had grown as a player that day. It was a rush. Especially in London where the last time I played I was referred to as "The biggest disgrace to the Readox Meta" Now I've ditched that title!


Swiss Round 1 Maxx

So first round I see a Maxx and begin internally and externally groaning out of every orifice. So many annoying archetypes poop out of her shenanigans. DLR was this day's swirl of anarchy frozen yogurt blasphemy. Fortunately I had a bunch of money and as soon as she set up I began amply trashing all her resources leaving her naked and prepared for a Punitive Punch Scoop of Justice to her lack of a Stack and Grip Face!

Swiss Round 2 Whizzard

Whizzard...how vanilla...But nonetheless this one had Desperado sprinkles so it intrigued me. Probably one of the biggest slogs I've made in a game. It was a constant back and forth of purging his Datasucker virus counters so he couldn't get in and watching him click for credits as he was quite poor when I began locking up my servers. Eventually and for the first time ever in history I...Scored out? Yes I know scored...I felt strange. However I did do 5 Brain damage to him so in the end it was a moral victory as well as an actual victory for me.

Swiss Round 3 Kate

Ah Maxey. You do know how to surprise me. Playing against a Dyper deck is something that Butcehrshot is quite familiar with. We have heard of a small corner of the local meta somewhere maybe in a cave where the ravings of such a deck exist but no one on this staff list has ever performed it's dark rituals. That being said we know the best countermeasures for it and was able to avoid the combo shattering our goal to deliver scooped justice. This was a lockout after he was unable to win from his big turn but it was a tense game. Got two ABT fires off with great results and saved my bacon- I mean Ice Cream.

Cut Round 1 ReKate

So into the cut low and behold Maxey returns but I get choice of sides. Now my Hayley deck was good the Moon deck he was carrying seemed slightly tilted against me therefore I chose to confront his Dyper deck. This time he was able to get the combo of and equivocated the hell out of me but sadly again was unable to score enough points as I lock up my servers with a well kept Friends in High Places.

Cut Round 3 Another KATE!?

Unfortunately losing my second roudn in the cut I was paired against the scurry Tim Fowler and his interesting Deus X, Adjusted Matrix deck. Luckily my best employee was on deck to help against his shenangans as I boosted a Next Gold in front of a Brainstorm being my scoring remote so deter him fro running. After destroying his rig I locked him out and got the concede victory. Honestly some runners could at least finish their Ice cream before giving up. Those cadavers aren't going to become themselves...

And that's it. Sadly I lost my next game and was eliminated but it was a nailbiter and I loved it. Will there be more Ice Cream? What flavours can Butchershot prepare? Will the Manager be institutionalised before that happens? All this and more in the next regional. Until then more feedback and discussions of this deck are greatly appreciated. Stay frosty and bring your own Flakes and Cones if you wish to be scooped by me.

26 Jun 2017 knails

You mad bastard you. Love it.

27 Jun 2017 tonybluehose

This is the write up that makes Netrunner netrunner. Also, played this deck last night against a fully-rigged Smoke. Down 0-6. Made a desperate move to jam an agenda in the 3 ice remote with 2 black level clearances. Runner runs said server with four cards in hand. Experiences the Edge of World Flavored Topping that pulled me out of the loss. :)