Ayla Do Is Win

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Went 3-1 with pretty much this deck (-rumor mill -beth +siphon +Pol Op) at the New Hampshire Regionals. Took SYNC as my corp which did not go as well.

Basic idea for this deck is that Deep Data Mining is absurdly good, and Shaper is flexible. I initially went with Adept because it has +1 strength and because Shapers have a built in excellent code gate breaker with Gordian Blade, and I never looked back. But I think I'm going to test a build with Savant to see if it's better.

Gameplan is usually to get Magnum Opus on a Dhegdheer as soon as possible and start building. NVRAM is the best. Always put programs/hardware/tech on there because if you need it, great. If you don't, then it's not clogging your deck.

Vamp, and particularly The Gauntlet, are absolutely great in this deck. Being able to get multi-accesses in HQ whenever you want is great.

Everything else is draw, econ, or tech.

I've gone through so many variations with the tech. I've somewhat settled on this after a lot of practice. Initially I tried to get in The Scrubber and even Paricia to fight asset decks, but that was never enough. But I've had good success against Moons just by judiciously Deep Data Mining early and getting a lot of accesses. Councilman can help with Lakshmi.

The tech I do have is Clot and Sac Cons for CI and fast advance decks (Sac Con does double duty against Skorp). Employee Strikes seem so important in this meta for a variety of decks, but particularly AgInfusion. Dean Listers for situations where I get locked out of a server for whatever reason, and to save money. Film Critic is so good in so many matchups, and I think I've settled on Rumor Mill both for the surprise factor and because Jinteki Rush seems to be my worst matchup right now.

It may not be the best deck, but I do love Shaper and it's worked well for me so far.

26 Jun 2017 PureFlight

<3 for the deck name

26 Jun 2017 PureFlight

Also, would you consider a Freedom to go with the DDMs? Maybe that's too many currents...

26 Jun 2017 013

I'd consider it, but it is a lot of currents and it's annoyingly expensive. My hunch is that I'd probably rather have a bit of extra money to be able to Vamp and pressure remotes more effectively. But it could definitely work.