Honeymoon IG

ANRguybrush 128

IG FA with political dealings and jeeves.

We can bypass clot by using moon and installing the agenda on their turn with political dealings.

Our assets have crazy synergy and once we've set up, we can score out 7 points in only a couple of turns.

Favorite combo: install a 3/2 in a new remote and gain turtleback credits, advance 3 times and gain a click from jeeves, play Clones are not people and score.

29 Jun 2017 RubbishyUsername

Is Honeyfarm really better than Shock!?

29 Jun 2017 ANRguybrush

@RubbishyUsername honeyfarm is almost certainly inferior, but playing shock! seems a bit silly in this deck. Losing cards is disruptive, but we don't wanna grind them out or setup a kill.

30 Jun 2017 dubious

I'd argue that shock is a better deterrant than honeyfarm regardless of whether you're trying to kill, and that 1-2 net damage sitting in the bin is far more of a tax than 1-2 credits in our temujin/mopus world. Not only that, but it would also telegraph your gameplan less and allow you to bait the early game as a kill deck, opening up more lines of play.

30 Jun 2017 lunchmoney

I'm missing something;

"We can bypass clot by using moon and installing the agenda on their turn." How does this work?

Why does moon (I assume Estelle Moon) allow you to install agenda on the runner's turn?

30 Jun 2017 Skeletons

@lunchmoney The combo works with Political Dealings.

30 Jun 2017 lunchmoney

ah ha! Now it makes sense. Estelle Moon draws an agenda and, as long as Political Dealings is rezzed, it gets installed. Thanks :)

It would be nice if people, when posting decks, actually state why things work, rather than just assuming everyone knows. :)

30 Jun 2017 LynxMegaCorp

It would be nice if people, when looking through decks, actually learn why things work, rather than just assuming everyone should explain. :P

30 Jun 2017 ANRguybrush

@dubious agreed, but then we couldn't call it honeymoon anymore and that name is sweet.

@lunchmoney I'm sorry, I wrote this on the bus and tried to keep it brief. you are correct though, players can make too many assumptions.

30 Jun 2017 scd

Am I crazy to want Improved Protein Source in this deck?

30 Jun 2017 scd

Also, I'd think at least 1x Shipment from Tennin would be useful here. At worst, you can FA a Braintrust out of hand after a setup turn.

1 Jul 2017 ANRguybrush

@scd I argued in a reddit thread that improved protein source is easy to score in this deck, but it's a huge liability. I simply lost too many games to it. Shipment from Tennin is hard to use in a deck with so many naked assets, but it might be useful. With SfT we can even fast advance our TFP! :)