Cruelty V1

Imperialcreed 84

I think I've fallen in love with Alice Merchant. I haven't felt this way about an Anarch since Noise, but I think her ability is fantastic for two reasons:

1) Against an unprotected Archives you can trash a Corp card for a click. 2) Because of 1, it forces the Corp to protect their third central earlier in the game than they would perhaps like. By stretching their ability to protect all three centrals early and also advance their board state, this makes them even more vulnerable to Account Siphon.

Hammer Archives early on. If they ICE it, run anyway to force the rez and deplete some creds. Then Siphon them into the ground.

If they can't keep you out of Archives there are some nice cards that combo to get you even more value from those runs like Dirty Laundry, Immolation Script and Retrieval Run.

Same Old Things should be used to recur Siphons, Retrievals or Immolation. The single Wanton is a lovely Click 1 surprise after you've stolen all their money the previous turn.

Deja's are to get Siphons, Immolation and Wanton back into your hand.

Once they're out of money, keep running and then En Passant away their ICE.

If none of that works, drop Keyhole and hammer R&D instead.

Hacktivist is there to punish asset rezzes and to keep the hand-trashing pressure on.

If you can build early momentum this deck can really turn the screws on the Corp and it can feel downright cruel to play your sixth Account Siphon of the game before destroying even more of their cards.

A well-timed Crisium can cause you problems, as can anti-AI ICE. The deck can end up seriously poor if you're not careful at which point it struggles to get back in the game.

Not a perfect deck by any means but one I'm having fun playing with right now.

30 Jun 2017 CommissarFeesh

I would genuinely look at other consoles; if Keyhole is your primary plan you're missing out on the draw from Obelus which is one of the major benefits of the console.

30 Jun 2017 Imperialcreed

@CommissarFeeshSo, not a bad point re Obelus/Keyhole. What I've found so far is that, as you float tags early, Obelus helps you hang on to all the events you need until the opportune moment as well as doing double-duty as damage protection. It's not brilliant, but I don't know if the likes of Maw would be better as it's more expensive.

30 Jun 2017 Imperialcreed

@CommissarFeeshAlthough, now I think a bit more about it. Turntable might be a fun swap. Must try that.

30 Jun 2017 x3r0h0ur

the only real reasonable options (normally vigil is best in siphon spam, obviously not great here), are turntable and spinal modem. Turntable is the best choice IMO.

Have you considered going into the real breakers more, and using counter-surveillance, in addition to keyhole? With obelus you get real serious draw, while siphoning and running tag me.

30 Jun 2017 Imperialcreed

@x3r0h0urYeah Turntable is the only other 'viable' alt console in this deck. I'm going to have a play around with it and see how it goes.

To make more room for real breakers, I'm not sure what I'd cut. (The two Datasuckers possibly?) I don't want to reduce the number of Eaters as it is key to landing early Siphons.

As for Counter-Surveillance, I actually have a version of this that includes two in place of Bhagat. Played once and didn't see either of them, so need to test more. The synergy with tag-me Siphon/Obelus play is potentially excellent.

30 Jun 2017 scd

yeah, i've used counter surveillance in a similar deck, and it hasn't been consistent but won me a game? the problem is the nonbo with Eater; to pull off the counter surveillance run, you need to have found your heap breakers, which means it's a basically game-closing legwork or maker's eye long after you've gone tag-me, and by the point you've gone through almost all of your 50 card deck. those are a lot of conditions to meet, but when it works, it's great. i got locked out of R&D and counter surveillanced into HQ to see 5 cards for the surprise win. but once people know you're on that, i can't see it being viable. who knows?

4 Jul 2017 Imperialcreed

Having tried a few games with Turntable I can't say I feel it's better than Obelus. I really missed the extra hand size from the tags and I found I wasn't accessing enough of the kind of agendas you want to Turntable. The testing continues...