28 Brains Later

Pinkwarrior 2208

Not much to say about this the deck is a pretty straight forward kill deck built around shell games. None of that fancy pants FA here just pure ICE and mind games.

Install x2 advance everything you can, This makes traps sting but more importantly allows you to score NEXT Wave 2 and have clicks spare to play Defective Brainchips first for 2 full brains. when the runner is left with the option of run maybe take 2 brains / don't run and still maybe take 2 brains it leaves them in quite the pickle.

Domestic Sleepers ok maybe a little of that FA if you can really call it that for a 2/0. It allows an easy way to 24/7 News Cycle with the NEXT Wave 2 though if it's for the win any agenda will do, again the Defective Brainchips are really handy here for that all important 2 brains.

Once the runner is down to a 2 card hand size Snare! & Fairchild 3.0 gets more potent & harder to deal with having to draw up and leave clicks spare to draw up and remove tags makes it hard to run.

All in all a fun deck that's got quite a few kill's under it's belt now.

30 Jun 2017 Mantriel

I like your deck! Why do you need 2 FiHP, wouldn't be just 1 FiHP and 3 Defective Brainchips better?

30 Jun 2017 Raga

If I recall correctly, Next Wave 2 has been ruled as not being a "When scored" ability, despite triggering when you score it...so sadly, this won't trigger from 24/7. However, you could use Show of Force to similar ending...

30 Jun 2017 Pinkwarrior

@Raga odd it's not working correctly on jnet if that is indeed the case. well if that's right it kinda kills the deck the 24/7 has proven to be an essential part of the deck for finishing the game.

30 Jun 2017 Raga
30 Jun 2017 Pinkwarrior

@Mantriel 1 maybe fine i'd not really looked at that since i took out the Black Level Clearance's but yeah your probably right. I don't no if you need 3 Defective Brainchips i have been hitting them pretty consistently when i need em.

30 Jun 2017 Pinkwarrior

@Raga well thanks for the info back to the drawing board then. maybe swap Corporate Sales Team for some Show of Force it's gonna put the strain on the econ tho so maybe a dead idea.

30 Jun 2017 Raga

Tbh - I'd be inclined to run 2xCorporate, 2x Next Wave 2 and 2x Show of Force. With the defectives and ID you'll be causing enough of an issue anyway, so you only need to fire SoF as a last ditch hit

30 Jun 2017 Raga

This is my attempt at similar that I've been running on Jinteki - though no notes atm netrunnerdb.com

1 Jul 2017 Pinkwarrior

@Raga After looking at your list making trying a few different ideas and playing it out more. I've found that -1 Corporate Sales Team -1 NEXT Wave 2 +2 Show of Force seems to be the best way.

Scoring a Show of Force then using 24/7 News Cycle can easily end the game and if you've managed just 1 brain then theirs little they can do to stop you only problem comes if you have to score Show of Force before Next wave 2 really.

1 Jul 2017 Raga

Glad I could be of some help :-) Any suggestions on mine?