Mars ONE

inniscor 560

This is a fast advance Weyland deck that tries to score seven as quickly as possible using a variety of tools and tricks. With the release of Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. and other cards this cycle Weyland has an ID and supporting cards that provide a variety of in-faction fast advance options which can prove very effective.

Since Jemison came out I’ve messed around with several iterations of this deck. I’ve messed with econ packages that relied on GRNDL Refinery and Dedication Ceremony, Bryan Stinson, and assets and instead have landed on a combination of operation economy and money agendas. This seems to me the most straight forward way of building out of Jemison as it doesn’t rely on a multitude of clicks to get set up and doesn’t waste your resources defending assets vs runners who are either rich or have plenty of recurring asset-trashing economy.

The basic game plan here is simple. Advance agendas and don’t lose.

Advancing Agendas

On the fast advance side I have landed on the following mix of cards: Biotic Labor: Biotic is a powerful card and provides a lot of outs when money piles up. I can obviously play it with Atlas for the raw conversion of money to points, but combining it with other cards can open up scoring plans to get Corporate Sales Team and Global Food Initiative out of hand.

Audacity: Effectively Audacity serves as influence-free Biotics though their use is a little nuanced. This is a relatively new addition, so I’ve not analysed its usage as much but it as an untrashable fast advance option that also it holds its own.

Sacrifice: This card was panned when it came out and I think people are still surprised when it hits the table. It can turn a Hostile Infrastructure into a Project Atlas for free or an Atlas into a Corporate Sales Team for less. Keeping this in hand has helped me close more than one game out without my opponent realizing it was possible.

Oberth Protocol: There was a time when I put less than three copies of this card in my deck. I've wisened up. There's a reason this gets trashed 100% of the time people access it from centrals. I don’t often consider what I can do with a rezzed oberth cause it’s so rare that I have one. Instead this card is mostly in due to its ability to FA agendas out of hand whether or not it’s installed at the beginning of my turn.

Don’t Lose

On the lose less side of things I have a mix of ice that always feels less reliable on paper than when I’m actually playing. Some thoughts on the choices here: Bailiff: Bailiff is in because he pays me when he gets broken. This helps a ton vs Crim and Shapers. It’s a bit of a liability vs Anarch players, but what isn’t? Tithonium, I guess.

Mausolus: I hate this ice and I think it’s weird I haven’t tried changing it to just be Watchtower again.

Sapperr: This has won me more than one game vs a crim or anarch player getting over zealous with their accesses. Its numbers aren’t great, but the ability is good enough to include a few.

Colossus, Hortum, Ice Wall: These are all decent ice that don’t die fast but are probably a little to expensive for their ability. Luckily they are advanceable and I’m still on a single Archer so I’m unlikely to drop them any time soon. Otherwise where do I put the damn advancements? Hortum gets a special call out for being sick anti AI tech from time to time.

On the toolbox side I have a couple of tech cards that deserve some mention.

Hunter Seeker: It seems foolish to not pack at least one of these. Getting agendas stolen is pretty bad in this deck so slowing down the runner at all can help stabilize a bad board state.

Ark Lockdown: This card has been in the deck for a while. I included it because it can either slow down parasite/siphon recursion, get rid of a clot mid game or a stray conspiracy breaker at some point. This card is fantastic in certain match ups and dead in others.

Cyberdex Virus Suite: Two isn’t enough, but I spend less time purging cause I know they’re in there. Sac Con is also a concern without these.

Standoff: As of the time I’m writing this I have scored just about 10 Stand Offs against opponents who knew what they were doing and I haven’t had a single card of mine trashed. This card is only a liability vs Leela, or anyone on agenda sacrificing effects (The Shadow Net, Artist Colony, etc). Vs everyone else it’s either a great way to kick start an Oberth, clear a current, bait a clot, trash a breaker… the possibilities are endless.

I’m really happy with where this deck is. It doesn’t win every game, but it holds on in the toughest of match ups and always presents a credible FA threat. I hope this deck inspires you to reach new frontiers! To infinity and beyond!