The corp is a big LOSer (3rd place Omaha Regional 2017)

GameOfDroids 43

This is a deck about pressure, control, and criminal bullshit. Los' ability let's you make early runs at the corp and not lose tempo. The general game plan here is to unload a Temujin early (duh), hopefully get a Tapwrm down, aggressively run centrals and keep the remote honest. Once you've stretched the corp thin, make a play with one of your various pressure cards (Siphon, Gauntlet, Keyhole). I found in most games I would let the corp have one or two scores but eventually they would be broke for the rest of the game.

I took this list my local regional in Omaha. It was a fairly small showing (only 9 players), so by no means is this deck the most amazing tier 1 mlg pro list or anything. It is fun to play and does pretty well in most match-ups, especially those relying on ICE.

Swiss Round 1 - vs Glacier HB Los kept EtF poor with siphons, and got a lucky agenda pull from HQ early. HB responded by trying to score behind a Bronze, but I had been keeping the Abagnale in hand waiting for the chance. Mad dashed the remote putting me on 5. A few Biotics later and they are up 4 four points but feeling the economic strain. Keyhole goes down to close the game with an easy scoop from archives.

Swiss Round 2 - vs Tennin Early game a got one Temujin emptied and got Strike on the table to keep Tennin from getting counters. Over the next few turns, I drew into almost all my breakers and both keyholes. On a probing run to test R&D ice I see an Obokata and make the questionable decision to steal it. I lose both Abagnales and both Keyholes. I pull all kinds of tricks to keep them broke, targeting Femme at a DNA tracker on HQ, derezzing a Kakugo on R&D a few times making 8 creds a click w Temujin and Aeneas, play Forged Activation after a Siphon to trash an ice on the remote, etc. I prevent them from getting any sort of credit lead or counters to Trick of Light, and either make a successful run or have them poor enough they can't use Shipment from Tennin. I eventually get curious about the face down in Archives after he's gone through a Jackson or two and find another Obokata. I decline to steal and rerun w Mad Dash spending my last creds to get in and spend the rest of the cards in my hand for 4 points and the game.

Swiss round 3 - vs Sync 24/7 Boom I was pretty sure this was a 24/7 boom deck so I knew my best plan was the get Aaron down early and hope for the best. I managed to do exactly that and thought I was in a pretty good spot. Unfortunately, they play Aaron's worst nightmare, MCA Informant. I figure I'd use the first few clicks in the turn to get some accesses in and feed them a Kitty. Oops. I clear the MCA, but they play 24/7 into Boom! a few turns later and turn Los into a crater.

Swiss Round 4 is a bye round for me, I joined a nearby game demo and learned Nefarious. It's a simple little card game about mad scientists inventing silly things.

I'm fourth seed going into the cut and win my first game against the 3rd seed as Palana. Second game, I face the 2nd seed who won his first round as well.

Los vs Jammy HB Early in the game, they fired an ABT that went badly and tried to make up for it by installing an agenda on the table with Team Sponsorship in an open remote. He also thought it was good idea to put another on the table in another remote. I ran archives and the two face down remotes, and was pleasantly surprised to find myself on 6 points fairly early in the game. Unfortunately, they FA'ed another 3/2 and a domestic sleepers over the next few turns. The game went on for another 15 minutes so, me keeping him poor, him recurring money assets with Friends and playing a few clearances. I got several 3-of accesses on HQ with Gauntlet and Keyholed as many times as I could, but found nothing. They manage to click for credits enough times to scrape together the cash for Biotic and the victory.

They advanced on to the finals, while I tried redeem myself against the top seed, but ultimately end up in third place.