Make Weyland Great Again

limnrix 150

Don't let your dreams be dreams! Build those walls! Surprise corporate state!

Before rotation, try the ID Red Planet Couriers was made for: Because We Built It. Spend a click each turn putting an advancement counter on some big bad ice, speed it up with Kaguyas and Dedication Ceremony, watch the runner fail to find enough of your 6 agendas (while getting rich enough to Punitive Counterstrike if they do), 10 turns or less in, whoosh, you have won. You truly only do need 1 Fast Track, I swear. If you manage to have 2 Biotic in hand, you can even fast track for your Government Takeover on the same turn you score it. You only need 13 credits for the most expensive version of this and you've been saving money with space ice all game. You can also Renovate and then Vanity, but that's, weirdly, harder, probably because it doesn't involve the economy boosts of the Takeovers.

6 Jul 2017 zmb

3 x Mass Commercialization is a must in this deck. If you distributed your adv tokens evenly you will net double of a Hedge Fund easily! Consider using Hostile Takeover to feed to Oberth Protocol (or Rez it if runner plays Rumor Mill). Does Satellite Grid synergize with Red Planet Couriers ? Anson Rose seems like an OK include too maybe...

Fun Jank: Plan B or Space Camp :)