mcbeast 1012


Have you ever wanted to score an Government Takover?

Do you like combos?

Do you like advancing ICE?

Do you want to play Shipment from Kaguya outside CI-combo-decks?

Do you like sitting on the edge during Medium digs and Deep Data Minings?

Look no further - this is the deck you didn't know you needed!

Rig-shooter, what is that? Hunter Seeker? Never heard of it. Everyone knows small decks are for combos. You've seen other iterations of this deck, but have you seen them playing Shipment from Kaguya? I THINK NOT.

So the plan is to score Government Takeover and an Hostile Takeover. Nothing more, nothing less. It's easy. Install som ICE, advance them until you have 9 advancement counters on them. You need these cards in hand to score an Government Takover:

● Hasty Relocation

● Accelerated Diagnostics

● Red Planet Couriers

● Either Fast Track or Government Takeover

The Standard Combo:

● Be sure you have 9 advancement counters on your ICE.

OPTIONAL: Use Fast Track to get Government Takeover in your hand.

● Use Hasty Relocation, put back Red Planet Couriers and Interns if you have it. Interns is only necessary if you used Fast Track first click.

● If you didn't put back Interns, install Government Takeover

● Use Accelerated Diagnostics to play Interns if you have it, and then Red Planet Couriers to put 9 counters on Government Takeover

● Jump on the table, scream at your opponent that you've just scored an 9 advancement agenda and that you are the ruler of the World.

Tips & Tricks

● You can in some cases just advance your ICE five times, then in the Hasty Relocation combo use two Shipment from Kaguya to put four advancement counters on ICE, then lastly play Red Planet Couriers

● You can always go YOLO with Hasty Relocation to find the missing pieces. Live a little.

● An advanced Hortum is great for finding missing pieces!

● Did you know Colossus with 7 counters on it is a strength 11 ICE, and that Deus Ex+Adjusted Matrix can't break it? Now you know!

● Use Fast Track to get Government Takeover in your hand and make the Runner confused and sweat.


The Runner stole my Government Takeover!
You're playing the deck wrong. Gitgud.

Why don't you use card X?

What Tier is this deck?
Illuminati tier.

Are you a cat?
Yes. Meow.

4 Jul 2017 kollapse

Legitimate question
Does this just fold to Clot?

Illegitimate question
Does this deck win in a vacuum?

4 Jul 2017 mcbeast

Regarding Clot: Just lure it out, Purge, remove, ez game ez life 4ever.

4 Jul 2017 RavnR

ICE destruction is a thing still.

4 Jul 2017 mcbeast

Just put harakiri ICE in front of advanced ICE ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4 Jul 2017 ParasitePromo

Absolutely amazing! A perfect deck to win champs before rotation falls

5 Jul 2017 MikeJS

Fools seldom differ I guess - netrunnerdb.com I like Lateral for further combo ability. Also, why Shipment over Dedication? To avoid the face-up clause?

5 Jul 2017 mcbeast

@MikeJS Interns has about the same ability as Lateral, though no inf and you don't get any credits. I prefer Kaguya as you can advance not-rezzed ice, as you said. It also can get the Runner off-guard with a Hortum facecheck, thereby making finding combo pieces faster. It also CAN be used to combo out GTO if needed.

5 Jul 2017 MikeJS

True about Interns, and it frees up influence to spend on GFI, thus making you safer to random R&D access. I like it. Yolo on Hasty Relocation has won be more than one game with this combo :)

5 Jul 2017 mcbeast

@MikeJSI've naked installed GTO and then just hit AD until I found RPC, also works ;D

6 Jul 2017 mcbeast

UPDATE: IPO is replacable for Mass Commercialization for a quicker buck when the ICE is advanced.

10 Jul 2017 vesper

That's a nice deck :-) I have the 9000 version right here.