Bakaru 252

This deck is so much fun to play! Also, It is rotation proof, so no Compromised Employee here.

With the release of Keros Mcintyre Los is now a very viable ID to play as, the bird breakers ability is now fairly cost effective to use, and with this deck you will now frustrate the corp like never before derzzing their ICE consistently and constantly.

A lot of what’s in here is your standard Crim package. Here’s some detail on my choices for the other stuff.

Sahasrara – One is good, two is better. The key to getting those birds reinstalled over and over for cheap so you can derez that ICE over and over.

I’ve Had Worse and Earthrise Hotel – A good draw engine is needed to make this thing sing. I opted to leave out Off-Campus Apartment, the times I’ve tried to use it they never seemed to come out at the right time and I get anxiety thinking about the corp trashing multiple resources at one time. Also, net damage is big in my meta so IHW provides some protection for that.

Aeneas Informant – Good no matter what you’re up against, great when the corp goes horizontal and there’s not a lot of ICE to make some quick cash off of. In a lot of ways I think 3 of these here is way better than 3 Compromised Employees. Especially with Desperado.

Rubicon Switch – Depending on the ICE and the situation sometimes this piece of hardware is more cost efficient to use than the bird breaker’s abilities, sometimes it’s not. Do your math then decide. I only use it when it’s the cheaper option obviously.

Hernando Cortez – You’re goal with this deck is to make the corp have to rerez their ICE over and over, do I need to explain ☺. He's not crucial to get out but he's a nice bonus.

The Birds (Golden, Peregrine, and Saker) –Pull them up and derez as much as you can as long as you have at least one or two of your Sahasrara's and Keros Mcintyre's installed. Just be careful and watch your clicks and the next piece of ICE being encountered. Nothing worse then pulling up a Golden mid run to derez a Sentry ICE then running into another Sentry ICE.

This deck makes a lot of money and spends a lot of money, but if played right you should have a nice buffer of cash to always keep you going, and the corp should be struggling for money trying to keep up with all the ICE rerezzing they’ll have to do, or just biting their nails as they sit there unable to rez as you just fly across those walls. Then when you're ready fire off some Turning Wheel counters with a Leg Work.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome, but I'm only interested in potentially swapping in cards that are not going to rotate out by the end of the year.

11 Jul 2017 PurinaBisonChow

I feel like Rubicon Switch might make using the Birds a little redundant. You could use the Sahasrara influence for more efficient breakers (like Gordian Blade or Inversificator instead of Peregrine and Paperclip instead of Saker).

Also, why no Account Siphon?

I'd say:

-3 Sahasrasa
-2 Saker
-2 Peregrine
+3 Account Siphon
+1 Inversificator
+1 Abagnale
+1 Paperclip
+1 Demara

Lustig for Golden is your decision. I see benefits to either.

11 Jul 2017 Bakaru

@PurinaBisonChow I don't like relying strictly on Rubicon Switch to derez, mainly because of the situational element of only being able to use it on ICE rezzed that turn. I like the flexibility of using both the birds and Rubicon. I like your breaker suggestions and have used some of them in this deck at various points, but since the release of Keros the birds are pretty efficient to use now and have proven to win games. Maybe they're not the absolute most efficient but they are fun and effective when used properly. Account Siphon has been in and out of this deck, and will probably be back in at some point. However if I'm siphoning all their money, it takes the fun out having them have to use it to rez ICE again and again ;) Thanks for the suggestions!